Dynamite-wielding Man Tells Hospital “Give me a Shot or I’ll Blow You Up”

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An unemployed 70-year-old man, accused of attempted extortion and violating the Explosives Control Law for taking dynamite to a hospital this July and demanding “Give me my desired injection or else I’ll blow up the hospital!” was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment suspended for 4 years by the Wakayama Regional Court today.

Judge Shin’ichi Tanaka scolded the man, explaining, “You inflicted fear and anxiety on the staff of a hospital that cares for more than 300 people.”

According to the judgment, the defendant requested that the doctor give him a shot for stomach pain at a hospital in Gobo City but angered when the doctor refused. The man immediately went home, retrieved the dynamite, and returned to the hospital, demanding the injection from doctors near the entrance. Also, the man was in illegal possession of 150 sticks of dynamite in his home.

The defendant was arrested for a red-handed violation of the Explosives Control Law when he was arguing at the entrance. He reportedly admitted how he got the dynamite, saying, “I was storing the leftovers from my public works job.”

Questions (My Japanese legal experts please feel free to weigh in!):

  • Umm, nobody noticed 150 sticks of dynamite missing?! Maybe regulations covering explosives need to be enforced before they catch someone threatening to blow up a hospital with dynamite stolen from a construction site. This guy’s neighbors should be pissed off right now over how inefficient Japan’s legal system makes suing the government over such gross negligience.
  • It’s not out of the ordinary for a 70-year-old man to be “unemployed” is it? For crying out loud, the retirement age in Japan is 60!
  • What are the chances that this man is senile (or worse) and needs serious treatment? Probably pretty good. I mean, maybe the judge took that into consideration when he gave him a suspended sentence, but that just means this guy’s back on the street, possibly all alone (and who knows, maybe they let him keep the dynamite!)
  • Did he ever get his freakin shot?
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    1. Have been reading on the road but unable to comment with the crap connections — just gotta say I love the posts, and this one was great to read, especially coming from good ‘ol Wakayama. Quite note: 60 is the official retirement age, but the actual retirement age is actually over 70 (most people leave their jobs as 社員 or what have you and move on to other work as advisees, taxi drivers, what have you).

    2. this is some F**** good and hilarious website. i just stumbled on it while googling….

      (o yes, it is so true, you learn Kanji and than all of a sudden its becoming Hip and Cool in japan to use hiragana! ”みずほ”hihihi.
      and the dynamite guy is “unemployed”, are you the only one who would be clever and/or critical enough to actually think that would be NORMAL since the guy is past 70 years old!? i wonder…)

      again, great site! thanks! 😉

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