New Reason to Privatize Japan Post

This guy is so wrong.
So it can be punished by the market for dumb ideas like this. I present a case of Strong Bad’s imagination coming to life:

Japan Post to Deliver New Year’s Postcards to Every House in Area of Choice
[Soon addressing your cards ]”To all those living in X-town” Will Be OK

Japan Post announced on Dec. 22 that it will start a service that will deliver New Year’s postcards (nengajo) with the addressee left off to specific areas. The cards will arrive on the first of next year, and the program will be experimentally implemented in Tokyo and the 14 major cities in Japan. By placing “to all of those living in X-Town” on the cards, they will be delivered to all houses in the specified area. (Jiji Press)

4 thoughts on “New Reason to Privatize Japan Post”

  1. This sounds less like a service for a magnamious well-wisher and more like a ploy for an insidious direct marketer (does junk mail even exist in Japan?)

    Dear Resident of Meguro-machi: Suntory wishes you a Happy New Year.

  2. oh yes junk mail exists, lots.
    the difference between japan and say america is that they don’t mail it very often, usually they just drive by and stuff it in your mail box. this works well because many people live in apartment buildings so you can just drive on over with your scooter and stuff 30-100 mailboxes in a matter of seconds. you also get junk towels and things that are actually useful too.
    technically it’s illegal and counts as trespassing, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone.
    also, as that picture included in the original article? on the guy’s costume it says 民営化 反対. what does that have to do with the new years cards? the 民営化 has already be decided and really nothing can be done to stop it.

  3. Darin: True enough, the man pictured is protesting postal privatization. I didn’t put the photo there for any reason necessarily — he’s just hilarious-looking. I have to figure out a good way to caption the photos so as not to confuse people.

  4. And no it wasn’t included in the original article. I found it randomly on google image search. Also will try and make that clear in the future.

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