New Ghibli Movie ‘Ged War Journal’ directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s Son despite protest from father

While we’re on the topic of linking to blogs, Kaiju Shakedown, an official blog of Variety magazine (meaning he gets paid for it, I guess), has been one of my favorites lately. I’ve always been a firm believer that close, obsessive scrutiny of a nation’s pop culture can tell one a lot about that nation’s people, so Grady Hendrix’s posts, written with that true Variety-style sarcastic wit, always entertain and inform.

So it was the Shakedown where I learned about Ghibli Studios’ latest feature “Ged War History” (English title is apparently not finalized), directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki’s son, Goro:

But father Miyazaki was against it! In an unsuccessful effort to find out why, I translated the first diary entry from Goro’s blog. This first appeared in the comments section of Kaiju Shakedown, but I will reproduce it here:

Introductory remarks — My father was against this

My father, Hayao Miyazaki, was against me directing “Ged War Journal” [tr: my guess at a literal translation of the movie’s title].

This may sound abrupt. However, first, I would like to make this clear.

Also, to speak truthfully, to open a diary on the Internet and come out in front of everybody was not necessarily my desire. If I had something that I wanted to tell [everyone] with my own voice, that would be, “I want you to watch the work I have completed.” That is all.

My desire as a director is to “have people watch ‘Ged War Journal’ with direct feeling and no idle thoughts,” that is all.

However, once the promotion for ‘Ged War Journal’ begins, for better or worse, the adjective “Hayao Miyazaki’s son” will be applied to its director, myself. In response to that, the conclusion that producer Toshio Suzuki reached was, of course, to “respond with the product itself” but also “in order to compete with the product itself, we should acquaint people with Goro Miyazaki as an individual person, not ‘Hayao Miyazaki’s son.'”

After mulling over all that I too agreed with that view. In short, I decided to try to experiment, even if the order is backwards, to have people watch the work ‘Ged War Journal’ without preconceptions by expressing what I was thinking as a director through this diary.

I chose the internet as the method [to express my thoughts] because it is the medium that can connect with people most directly. Of course, ideas such as accepting media interviews or press conferences, as has been done before, were also considered. However, I felt that in order to carry out the above-mentioned experiment, I would be able to express my ideas in a more frank manner by not working through the filter of the media.

I will not brashly state here the reason why my father was against [me directing this film] as I stated in the beginning. I think I should reveal that as I describe the path which led me to work as a director and the daily production status.

Finally, there are two reasons why I took on the direction of ‘Ged War Journal.’ That I felt attraction toward the story of ‘Ged War Journal’ is the first. The second is that I noticed something in me, that it was difficult to brush away the feelings I had toward animation that I had pretended not to notice until now, for reasons including the relationship with my father.

I don’t want to talk specifically about the content of the movie before it is released, but the theme that I wish to express through the movie come out clearly:

“What is it to live honestly these days?”

That is the way of life that I wish I could be like, and it is also the theme of this diary.

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  1. what future projects for the studio will you be working on i belive i have seen a preview(pictures) of the upcoming film i wish all the luck on that any other films planed ahead? and do you think their will ever be a sequal to princess mononoke it would be an amazing idea for the film which left so much untold by the end of it if time and effort is taken on it am sure it would come out simply amazing just a thought i hope to see more films in the future take care..

  2. I love every single film miyazaki has made and im sure his son would would do at least as well as his father. As you was saying, i agree it would be a wonderful idea to make a sequel to princess mononoke. It is true, many things were unanserd like if the valley stays safe and like if ashitakas diseas goes away.

  3. “Ged War Journal” is a strange and overly direct translation of ゲド戦記. That Japanese title is the one used for LeGuin’s series, so you might just as properly back-translate it as “Earthsea.” (There isn’t a war involved in any case, or a journal. “The record of Ged’s struggles”?)

  4. Yeah good call, I am sure it will be called Earthsea when it’s released overseas. “Re-translation” of a Japanese title of a Western book back into English (like in that one episode of NewsRadio) can produce some odd results. I could have easily looked up the original title, but eh.

  5. the film will be of the later book tales from earth sea i think and not the first four in the quartet


    a sequel to monnenoke would be missing the point ENTIRLY

    it is about real life and the way in which humanity interacts and changes its enviroment the loose ends witch you refur to are part of what makes this film so devistatingly sharp and poweful despite indeviduals efforts has enething big realy changed?


    if you want a fuller version of the story try the nussica of the vally of the wing graphic novel from wich that film and mononoke were derived

    sorry about spellin!

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