Lady Goes Crazy on Trading Spouses

Awesome! DARK SIDED!!!

Reminds me of when I went to Baptist services with my friends when I was a kid.

As shocked as I am to see such a misguided and hateful person, I have to admit that it’s a dream of mine to one day appear on television shrieking so violently that I need subtitles to be understood.

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After some thought, I have decided that you can keep reading this blog even if you don’t believe in Jesus.

One thought on “Lady Goes Crazy on Trading Spouses”

  1. Conversation with friend F:

    [11:35] Joe: she’s almost like a generic your-mom
    [11:35] F: hahahahahah
    [11:35] F: she’s even fat, like your mom ™
    [11:36] F: or is it your mom (r)
    [11:36] Joe: well, if your mom is a good, she could be a ™
    [11:36] Joe: if she’s a service, she would be an (sm)
    [11:37] Joe: i don’t think she could be an (r)
    [11:37] Joe: because to be registered, a trademark has to be inoffensive
    [11:37] F: ZING
    [11:39] F: ok, we decided that was A material

    Thanks for helping me study intellectual property!

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