Reflections from Somers High School Class of 2000 Reunion

WARNING! This post is entirely about my personal life. For your Japan fix, go here to see Miss and Mister Tokyo University. Quoth Joe, “Mmm pre-feminist society.” High school reunion antics after “the jump” (in quotes because it sounds lame):

  • Glad I went, but doubly glad I got to eat for free — Since I didn’t RSVP I just grabbed the ticket of a kid who didn’t show up. I highly recommend this course of action to any other ghetto freak who is too cheap to pay for his reunion.
  • There were a lot of hot girls in my class before, but they have all gotten hotter, and a lot of the ones who weren’t hot before learned how to wear makeup! That alone made it worth going.
  • When people first started coming in they were all trying to show off how successful they had become, but everyone reverted back to their old selves after a couple of drinks, causing the high school drama to start up within an hour or so. One of the girls in our class, who had gotten knocked up during college, slapped her baby daddy in the face and broke up with him at the freaking reunion. Meanwhile, the usual gossips got drunk and congregated — they asked me who’s gay and we shared a laugh at the girl who, while a wallflower in high school, was on the dance floor dry-humping her thug boyfriend like there was no tomorrow.
  • DJ Dancing did not live up to his name. Not only did he not dance, he played top 40 hits from this year, not sweet hits from the year 2000 like, um, the Thong Song.
  • No one was surprised to learn that I have become a Japanese translator. My Japan obsession had taken firm grasp of my psyche in high school and everyone knew it. Otherwise, there were a few comments that I “look great” but no direct mentions of my weight loss. Are people really that sensitive? Or were they just shocked that I was wearing a flannel shirt?
  • Thanks to Jeff for throwing it all together.

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    1. Flannel? For shame, Adamu, for shame…

      They’ve all gotten hotter? That’s good — most of the hot girls from my high school have gotten fatter.

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