My new life in Japan

Conversation I had with MF a few weeks ago while we were taking a look at Japanese satellite TV operator SkyPerfecTV’s channel offerings:

MF: you should just quit your job and fly to japan next week
MF: screw the apartment
Adamu: dont tempt me
MF: you can get a job at nova
Adamu: haha
MF: and then go home to your sweet, sweet tv
Adamu: ok now that IS sad
MF: and a big can of kirin
MF: or asahi dry
Adamu: asahi
Adamu: id have to have a good tv
Adamu: maybe i could get those tv goggles

Adamu: they have improved a lot
Adamu: it might be hard to get the food to my mouth if i am blinded by the tv
MF: hahaha
MF: you need some kind of food harness
MF: so you can just press a button and it drips a little into your mouth
Adamu: interesting
Adamu: i could fill it with peanut choco
Adamu: like some kind of giant feeder bar
MF: right
MF: this sounds like a good lpan
MF: talk it over with Mrs. Adamu
MF: hell, maybe she can support you
Adamu: good call
MF: you just need to get married
Adamu: she would feed me
MF: maybe adopt a kid
Adamu: no need for the feeder
MF: but she has no time to get pregnant
MF: since she has to pay the massive tv bill
Adamu: right and when the kid grows up he can spnge bathe me
Adamu: during the rachi mondai hour
Adamu: haha right
Adamu: cuz im gonna have every channel
Adamu: including the jr high juku
Adamu: need to brush up on my english vocab
Adamu: maybe i could rig it so one eye is the internet
Adamu: and one is tv
Adamu: or i could switch
Adamu: so maybe i could make a living day trading
Adamu: and never ever have to leave the massage chair
MF: well you need a lot of tvs i think
Adamu: oh true
MF: a ring of small tvs
Adamu: at least 10
MF: surrounding the big one
MF: only the big one has the sound on
MF: but if at any instant one of the other channels looks better, you can put it on the main screen
Adamu: ya i could have porn and stock tickers going on the other ones
Adamu: keiba
Adamu: cuz id definitely have to play that
Adamu: if i am going to be watching 20 channels of it
MF: right
MF: for sure
Adamu: and i could keep Mrs. Adamu happy buy getting her stuff from the home shopping channels
Adamu: with her money
MF: yeah
MF: perfect
Adamu: maybe instead of food i could just be hooked up to ivs
Adamu: no wasted time
Adamu: and if i felt like drinkign i could have a button that would add a tiny bit of alcohol to the iv
Adamu: that would get me instantly hammered
MF: right
MF: oh yeah
MF: for sure
MF: i think you should write this all up for the blog
Adamu: it might scare Mrs. Adamu
Adamu: but
Adamu: youre right i will

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