Help My Friend Masaco With Her English

I’m a little late in posting this, but here goes:

A friend of mine, Masaco (who has helped out with the content of MF several times, notably here and here), has opened a blog to help her practice her English. She is a highly-skilled Maki-e (traditional Japanese lacquerware) artist and eventually wants to be able to sell her wares on eBay.

Please take a look at her blog and feel free to comment on the English. You may get a chuckle out of some of the entries:

Gion bayashi(musical accompaniment in Japanese classical music at Gion festival) have expressed “♪Kon Kon Chikichin Kon Chiki Chin”.If you croon the Phrase after hear the Gion music, you wouldn’t hear except “Kon chiki chin”. It’s strangely. “Kon Chiki Chin” force out your original description.

The truth is that “Kon Chiki Chin” was only beginning.
I was once told by my father, The music at Aoi festival(one of 3 big festival in Kyoto) is expressed “Pii hyaaa la,hottoite”.By the way, “Hottoite” means “Leave me alone!!”. I could hear Aoi music “Hottoite” for sure, but somehow I can’t concent. Because…it’s too nonsense “leave me alone”.
Japanese has a lot of interesting expression, but I can’t concent that phrase “Chin ton shan”.This is sound of Samisen guitar.

I stray from the subject.At Gion festival, “Yoi Yoi saa! Yoi Saa!!” the reader’s word of command is 5/8 time signature……isn’t it??. Like a progressive rock or a jazz…..isn’t it???

Gambatte, Masaco!

One thought on “Help My Friend Masaco With Her English”

  1. Thank you !!

    At first, I was fired up for writing English blog.
    But I was warried soon, because I was noticed that my English ablity was an infant level. Because I can’t improve when such a thing has been ashmed, I rely your goodwill. Needless to say, I study English hard!!
    Please help me.

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