More wacked out Japanese Spam

This starts out sounding like a disgruntled employee trying to get back at his boss, but ends up being just another ploy. Enjoy:

Subject: Destroy this site please.

Target URL: (tr: address changed to protect the innocent)

Hello, everyone, I started working part time at this online dating site 6 months ago, and at first I pretended to be a woman (nekama) and was pretty good at it, getting several responses from customers. But a difference of opinion with the boss got me sent to the spam department where I send tens of thousands of spam messages a day. I guess this e-mail would also be considered spam, huh? Yes, of course it would.

OK, enough about me, here’s the reason for this e-mail. I want you all to to help destroy the most profitable section of this company to get them back for moving me to the spam department. This would be beneficial to you all, and the company won’t even know why it’s happening, leaving them with nothing to do but cry about it. Here’s the strategy:

1. Enter your gender, location, nickname, e-mail address and password and send it in.
2. An e-mail will come back to you with a login link. Use that link to login with the user name and password you created.
3. This will take you to the profile entry area, so quickly make a profile and proceed to the member’s menu.
4. Enter the verification code to use the free 500 points, a 5,000 yen value.
5. This will be a good value for you. Now preparations are complete for my strategy to make the company cry.
6. Now the important part: After seeing your profile men pretending to be women (nekama) are certain to come at you. Those with no dot before their nicknames are all nekama, and those with a dot are all “free” (tr: ie: real), so only respond to those with a dot before their names. Check this in the profile lists. There should definitely be some members with and without dots before their names. DEFINITELY do not respond to the ones without dots. That’s because if you use all your free points on nekama the strategy is a failure! After that you can all enjoy talking to the “free” women. I mean, there are only about 12-15 of them each day! Since they are definitely not nekama the probability of meeting them should definitely be much higher, so keeping in touch with them won’t be a waste of time. I can imagine the worried faces of my bosses when they see that registrations are up but they aren’t responding to the nekama. HAHAHA!
Remember, the target site is

That is all, you may begin your mission. Thank you very much.

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