Post Computex Photo gallery. Part 2 – Girls (and gawkers)

Continuing from part 1 (gear) of my Computex photo gallery/a>, here are a few sample thumbnails. Or just browse the album directly.

Anyone who has ever been to, or read about, any kind of large trade show related in any way to the computer technology field will be familiar with the show models or ‘booth babes’ hired by major presenters to lure attendees to their booth, where they can have their arms filled up with brochures and worthless branded knick-knacks. While for most attendees, the booth-babes may only be a pleasant distraction from the more serious business of checking out the new hardware, there is a serious contingent of people who are there just to check out, and photograph the dancing, scantily clad, attractive girls.

As good looking as most of the girls are, most of them are surrounded by so many excessively eager, desperate, camera-bearing men that you can’t just stand there and enjoy the show, except in some of the smaller out of the way booths. Larger, more popular booths such as Shuttle or Nvidia were just so hideously jam-packed that seeing the models up close would require about as much effort as pushing your way through a moshpit to the front row of an overcrowded rock show.

After seeing the ridiculous effort that these photographers exert to attend each little dance number and photograph the models at each company’s stall, I realized that the photographers themselves were just as amusing as the models, and decided to present a photogallery interleaving portraits of the photographers with the photographed. For the ideal presentation, start with this first model photo and view the rest sequentially within the gallery.

Click here for an obsessively complete photo gallery of models from this year’s Computex, as well as past computer trade shows..

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