Sino-Japanese memorial friendship tree cut down

On April 25 at about 9:20am a message was left by an employee of the’Aimesse Yamanashi’ Yamanashi prefectural industrial relations hall in Kofu city, Ozu-cho at the South Kofu police station stating that “the Sino-Japanese commemorative frienship tree in our grounds has been cut down.”

The commemorative tree was 12 centimeters across and 5 meters tall. It had been cut with a saw-like implement approximately 30 centimeters from the base.

The tree was a 17 year old maple, planted on May 25 1995 to commemorate 10 years of ‘friendship city’ relations between Kofu and Sichuan, China. There had also been a commemorative stone plaque by the tree, but it had been defaced with red spray-paint and knocked over.

Translated from Asahi newspaper, April 25 2005

3 thoughts on “Sino-Japanese memorial friendship tree cut down”

  1. This reminds me of a dumped girlfriend angrily cutting her boyfriend out of her photo album.

  2. I wish I knew how to play a fiddle. I want to cosplay Nero(yeah, I know the story’s untrue, but it’s hilarious to watch Sino-Japanese relations collapse in this way). =P

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