Gyoza Ohsho opens in Shanghai to surprisingly warm reception

From TBS (video available at the site):

In Shanghai, where anti-Japanese demonstrations have been occurring for weeks, the recently-opened Japanese-style ramen (the Japanese name for Chinese noodle soup) stores are enjoying healthy business. One, a ramen store , specializing in Japanese flavors such as tonkotsu (hogbone) and salt flavor, opened very close to the Japanese Consul General in Shanghai. The store, owned by Osaka Ohsho Co., owners and operators of the famous Gyoza No Ohsho chain, is their first expansion into China.

However, the infamous anti-Japanese protests occurred when they tentatively opened their doors preceding their Grand Opening festivities.

“After hearing that some other Japanese restaurants had been damaged, we hurried to postpone our Grand Opening,” said Mr. Fujioka Hisashi, a manager at the restaurant.

Since then, they have been doing business while avoiding promotional activities, but the curious people of Shanghai, always craving new things, have made the new restaurant busy through word of mouth.

“The only trouble was on the day of the demonstration, and it’s disarmingly normal ever since,”Said Fujioka.

The youth of Shanghai display their anti-Japanese feelings at the demostrations April 16, but at the same time you can’t deny the reality that people in Shanghai are strongly enamored of Japanese fashion and food, showing that you can’t just look at one side to explain the complicated Sino-Japanese relationship.

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  1. The world’s going to hell in a handbasket and THIS is the news you concentrate on???

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