Anti-Japan Protests Spread to Vietnam

From Reuters Japan:

Anti-Japanese Protests Held at Japanese Embassy in Vietnam
Apr. 17, 2005 7:03pm JST

HANOI (4/17, Reuters) Anti-Japanese protests were held in front of the Japanese embassy in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi.

Wearing headbands, the participants shouted anti-Japanese slogans into bullhorns and waved banners written in English and Chinese characters. One of the banners read “Japan get out!”

The demonstrators are said to be expatriate Chinese living in Vietnam.

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2005年 04月 17日 日曜日 19:03 JST

 [ハノイ 17日 ロイター] ベトナムの首都ハノイ市内の日本大使館前で17日、50人近くが反日デモを行った。