Fuck Zapan! Korean Anti-Japanese Rap Song

DJ Doc
UPDATE: Now you can listen to “Fuck Zapan” in all its “glory” by downloading it from us here! Here‘s a link to just the lyrics.

UPDATE II: The song isn’t actually by DJ DOC, or so I’ve heard.

Hot on the heels of Korean-language classic “Fucking USA” comes “Fuck Japan” from the Korean rap group DJ Doc. This was #1 on the charts in South Korea circa 1999 (?) and was allegedly made in response to an anti-Korean song made by a Japanese rap group. Full of simpering calls of “Hai!” (Yes, sir! in Japanese) and depictions of foolish Japanese who don’t know their own history, this dubious masterpiece is punctuated in the middle by a sample from the PC game Starcraft (a personal favorite and a HUGE hit in Korea), proving that it is truly a product of the ROK. You can listen to it and get a Japanese translation of the lyrics here. Here are the lyrics in English:

I am Korean! (I am a Japanese!)
Hey, you, try saying “Al lo byu!” (I rob you!) *1
No! It’s “I low byoo!” (I rob you!)
Are you retarded? Can’t you even pronounce that? (Hai!)
Are you really retarded? (Hai!)
Isn’t your country just fundamentally retarded? (Hai!)
Hai! It’s your Korean boy! Fuck these pigfoot Japs! *2
Let’s kill them, boy! Fuck! These penis-face pussies motherfuckers!
Those fucking Japs that live in Japan penis-face pussy Jap bitch retard idiot bitches!
You who have been described as ‘barbarians to the East’ *3 pigfoot bitches!
Are you going to lie about your own history?! (Hai!) Go ahead and lie, you deceitful pigfeet!
Pussies! How much will you lie, pigfeet?! Keep on lying, Japs!
Lie to your mom and dad! Lie to your mom and dad!
Will you eat your mom? (Hai!) Is that OK? Yeah, that’s fine! That’s just fine!
Retard bitches! Go and have a seizure!
You barbarian, epileptic Japanese!
Mouse-dicked Jeps “Japan is our toilet!”… FUCK!
Pucking nation.. Chapan is a Pucking nation*4 (repeat 2x)
Hey, you defeated nation! (Hai!) You retards who waited in line to fuck our women (retard retard retard!)
Japanese girls, you are gross! I wouldn’t fuck you even if I had the chance! You’re a bunch of fixed up abominations!
You won’t even fuck dirty Korean pussy! We won’t touch your tiny cocks!
I am Korean! We are the master and you are the puppet!
Do you remember what our country gave to you before you were opened? (Do you remember?!)
Ancient sword! Ancient sword!
Your country’s treasure, and we gave it to you! Think of it next time you greet us! Kneel before us! (Hai!)
Thank us for letting you have it! (Hai!) Obey us forever! (Hai!) Pray to us in tears! (Hai!)
Pucking nation.. Chapan is a Pucking nation (repeat 2x)
Japs! will you bring all the people of your sinking nation to our beautiful yet tiny island Tokto? (Hai!)
Japs! You who took an A-bomb directly to one of your cities! Hiroshima BOMB! Nagasaki BOMB! Tokyo BOMB! Japan BOMB! BOMB BOMB BOMB! ← Starcraft sample “Nuclear Launch Detected!”
We’ll nuke your asses! We’ll nuke your asses!
HEY YOU! Remember Malta?? No, you didn’t learn about it? You retards, you never learned about it, did you?
North Korea is our country! We’ll get ahead of you, you Japs! We’ll show you how to piss!
Eat a cup! (Hai!) Drink this piss! (Hai!) Is that OK? It’s OK. Yeah, that’s right you retards! Go have a seizure! Barbarian Japs, epileptic Japanese!
Pucking nation.. Chapan is a Pucking nation*4 (repeat 2x)

1 — Both Japanese and Koreans struggle to say “I love you” correctly, but these guys feel the need to make fun of the Japanese pronunciation.
2 — pigfoot is a popular slur in Korea for Japanese people because of the shape of Japanese zoori sandals.
3 — 倭奴 We-nom in Korean is a term for “Barbarians to the East,” a term originally from China that historically includes Korea. The rappers don’t seem to know this.
4 — Koreans tend to have trouble with the letter F, pronouncing it with a P sound instead.

133 thoughts on “Fuck Zapan! Korean Anti-Japanese Rap Song”

  1. Wow, it looks like the link was taken down by the time I linked to it! It could be that it got passed around 2ch and went over its bandwidth limit. It’s on a free hosting site so it wouldn’t take much!

    I’m afraid I deleted the mp3, so it may be lost forever, sorry!

  2. Wow, I lost all respect for DJ DOC now. I’m a Korean American who lives in California. I don’t fully understand why Korea would start these threats all of a sudden… I mean, we first cuss America out, which I felt at full most offended due to my American pride. I mean, can’t they understand that S. Korea can get owned if America leaves? Now, we diss the japanese. I mean, I understand because of the history we had with Japan. *cough cough* It is enough to make me pissed off, but still. Can’t we ALL just get ALONG?! Why pick a fight? Let’s end it. Comeon!

  3. Eligal,

    Don’t know where you can find the song, but I hope I never find your name disgracing this site again.

    — Saru

  4. I seriously dont understand how these filthy gooks keep running their yappers when they spend millions of dollars a year trying to get plastic surgery to look like white people, yet curse Americans and burn the US flags behind our backs. These gooks have such huge heads and ugly flat wide faces, but there seems to be nothing inside of them.

    Too bad MacArthur didnt blow that filthy smelly 3rd world nation to smithereens back during the gook war. Then, we wouldnt be forced to have to buy their piece of shit Hyundai cars and SamSUCKS electronics.

    Japanese-made products are 100 times better in quality.

  5. Well, I think most readers have enough common sense so as not to get into a flamewar with a useless troll like the previous commenter, but for those who might agree with his/her final statement, have a look at this article on Samsung from a recent issue of Wired magazine.

    Samsung is ranked number 21 among the world’s top brands by the consulting outfit Interbrand, just one notch below Sony. In sales, Samsung has shot to number three behind Matsushita and Sony in consumer electronics and is fighting Motorola for the number two spot behind Nokia in cell phones. Samsung is also the world’s leading manufacturer of flash memory and flat-panel screens, two of the core technologies of the digital era. And it’s the most profitable tech enterprise on the planet, with a cool $10 billion in earnings last year – more even than Microsoft.

  6. Who cares…just read any Consumer reports from the last 8 years and see how they rate those Hyundai lemons. Hahaha…I think I have seen more of those shitbricks lying broken down on the side of the road than I have in people’s garages. Believe me…the only way the gooks are even dipping into the market is because of their dirt cheap prices. Even then, I would rather fork out a couple of bucks extra for quality than to go with a gook-engineered rig. Ever wonder why the department stores (Sampoong) and their public constructions (bridges) in Korea fall down by themselves (with no earthquake necessary!)? The words “quality” and “Korean-made” do not belong in the same sentence together.

  7. When any of you say I hate (insert country name here) and their people you’re only being racist without a cause. Ask yourself, what have these people ever done to you that is worth hating. If there was ever something to be blamed for it would be two things, the government or either the media. The government for making stupid decisions such as war and the media for showing hateful things or hiding the truth.

    The thing that keeps you racist people thinking this way is mainly because it is a popular opinion. To adapt or to fit in society, we all tend to go along with the flow. For example, if your parents were to hate (let’s say… japanese, korean, or american), it would only make sense you would hate them too. Hey look here, when my friends say that they hate black people, I thought that way too… until one day I can think for myself and come to an understanding about any culture. Well, it’s a matter of growing up which most people at this website needs.

    All in all, most of you are brainwashed and don’t even know it. I believe the only race there is on earth is the “Human Race” and there are just as many good people as there are bad people anywhere. Don’t understand? Call the police, seek a doctor, you need help. A new song other than this… definitely. Be re-educated, maybe you guys or girls would stop using words like gook or jap.

    This is my first and last visit to this website. It’s not even worth coming back here just to see if there are any more nasty remarks against fellow human beings. Besides, I hate reading – I bet most of you wouldn’t read my long post.

  8. I can say from personal experience that the Korean culture in general is not so much racist but xenophobic, from birth! It is SOOOOOOOO annoying for foreigners living in South Korea. I came here hoping to enjoy the country but now I loath leaving the house. Also, don’t assume that I am just another foreigner that doesn’t understand other cultures due to my lack of open mindedness or lack of travel. I speak 3 languages and I have lived abroad for over 6 years in many countries.

    I will give examples. 1) You cannot walk down the street without actually hearing them say in Korean “Hey, what’s that foreigner doing here?” or something like “There goes the neighborhood.” THEY SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO HEAR AND ASSUME YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND THEIR ANNOYING ADHOC LANGUAGE!!

    Then comes the elevator scene, “I didn’t know we had foreigners working in OUR building.” and “Oooooo, what’s he doing here?” This is shit you would NEVER hear in a civilized and open culture.

    The other day after watching “Batman Begins” I was taking a piss and the guy at the next urinal nearly falls over! I say “Mwo?” which means “What?” and he tells me in English that he didn’t realize that I was a foreigner! What are you supposed to say? ‘Holy shit! I didn’t realize it! Thanks for telling me!” or “Yes, I am. Thank you very much!” or “Ya, Thank God!” or “Why does it matter you little racist loser?”

    The classic is the old folks on the subway. They will ALLOW you to give up your seat for them and then commence to talk about how poorly you are dressed and about how there didn’t used to be so many unfashionable foreigners and how we couldn’t take jobs from “The Great Korean People” in Busan back when….

    My answer to this……..nothing. I make more than they do, I know more than they do, I have more opportunity than they do, and I am not stuck in a rude little country DEPENDANT on/ENVIOUS of other cultures, and I don’t give a fuck what they think because the don’t warrant my respect due to their actions.

    I do get lucky and meet a few “NORMALIZED” Koreans now and then. It’s a nice surprise and refreshing. It tempers my anger a bit. That doesn’t mean that I do not knock over annoying people that
    1) Block the elevator door when you are trying to get out. I just imagine they are not there and walk over them, as they ignore that I am there. (When will they realize that I am BIG and they are SMALL?
    2) Block the subway door when I am trying to get off. Same as above.
    3)Business men who think the non-suit wearing foreigner will make way for them while walking or while waiting in line. Again, they discover that I ignore them also when they find thenselves on the ground. Also, when they cut in front of me in a line I make sure they understand that I consider them to be no better than monkeys. A few have talked back but they will not do ANYTHING.

    I am proud to say that people don’t treat each other so in my country.
    Deep down they want to be me or someone like me so all the shit they pull is based on envy and comes from the fact that they know on a base level they are merely one step up from Monkeys on cultural and aesthetic levels. Man, they even sit like monkeys! Wouldn’t you like to come home from work to find your wife doing the Korean Monkey Squat with all her friends.

    And, if another one of these dirty little fuckers sneezes on me in the subway I am going to lose it!

    I welcome ANY feedback from any Koreans as I would love to understand why Koreans behave in such a manner. erinlee73@hotmail.com

  9. There is a saying that if you misunderstood or hate someone, you should arrange to meet and see with your own eyes to renew your opinions. I do not need to listen to opinions of those who are stuck at their little homes and had not experiencing the world around them. Forget the past for it does not improve the future and is irrelavent. It’s strange that education systems from each country are different. In most civilized countries, history serves to prevent conflict by keeping us open-minded. What about Korea? Does their history help prevent conflict? Or is it to remind them of conflict for them to build their hate from one generation to the next?

    I applaud BewilderedinBusan for sharing such an experience to us from traveling, it must be really harsh to meet people who treat you like alien or dirt. I can’t comprehend your bad experience since I never been to Korea, but it seems to me that most of these Koreans need to look at themselves first before they start judging others. Still I’m going to keep an open-mind and make theories that maybe you are just in the worst part of the town or that you might have just misunderstood. It would be great if I had more proof, maybe I’ll travel to Korea one day and verify. Let’s hope the majority of them are properly civilized without bad opinions when I do get to Korea and that the insulting Koreans in this website were just the minor delinquents who were just disgracing their nation, especially DJ Doc. He makes Korean sound so jealous, and of course he is by no means the representative for the majority of Koreans.

    If any of you are Korean and proud of DJ Doc song, shame on you. If the majority of Koreans listen to his song and is proud of it, then it would lead for me to think that most Koreans are actually jealous. If you are not supporting these bad opinions, help the world serve equality and educate those around you. It’s not a disgrace, but is a sort of rescue mission for your country. You can take action and help stop or prevent future wars. If only your leader is a peace loving human being by heart. Same goes for the Japanese people who worship their racist rapper if my comment ever gets to them.

    By the way, are foreigners really rare in Korea? It may be the very reason that you, BewilderedinBusan, are attracting attention if that’s the case. I also welcome feedbacks from any Korean, although I doubt that there would be any superb argument that would over throw either BewilderedinBusan’s point of view or mines.

    Sorry guys, I came here by chance from web surfing, and can’t stop my curiosity! I’ll just bookmark website for just a few days and then I’m gone for good. I’m Realist if any of you still haven’t notice from my literature and lengthy paragraphs. Just to keep the element of surprise……

  10. Hmmm…. we’ve seen the anti-Japanese song of the Korean rappers alright but what about the anti-Korean song of these Japanese rappers? Im curious to know what they said about the Koreans. Can anybody post that song????

  11. Get a grip man. The song’s not even anti-racial, it’s anti-nation. Every country has fair share of them. US has countless anti-spanish, anti-french, anti-brit… germany… mexican…arab(this is the big ticket item now)…etc.
    have you ever listened to lyrics of american rap songs. US is the king of defamation of other cultures and greatest host of other cultures at the same time. And bewildered, stop being a cry baby and leave the country if you don’t like it. Jews did it by thousands from Poland, Russia, France, and other countries, I guess you ain’t got it that bad. Or is it you can only make it in Korea and would have hard time finding a job in US. I know lot of unemployed undereducated wannabes go to Korea and teach English at kindergarten level. Anyway, either you were a bigot from the getgo or foreign culture is too much for your brain to translate into anything other than bigotry. Geez, you guys just need to stop thinking that you are better monkey than others and accept the fact that we are all the same monkey.
    And with all due respect you can’t call people small when you weigh 300 pounds with your belly barely fitting through the door. Any country where most people weigh normal is difficult for weigh-challenged Americans to get around.

  12. Well…as long it has a good beat, there’s no harm in listening to it. Most people just happen to like the way some artist express themselves. Heck, I don’t even know what I’m listening to sometimes when there are bands that can play their instruments nicely. When it comes to songs, let’s not take it too serious, peoples. Yes it’s bad to act upon a song and spread hate or whatever, but it is their choice and they are free to listen to anything they want. If they want to be racist, so be it. It’s hard to change society as it is now. Ultimately, saying anything here won’t help. Just give me the goddamn song or direct me where it is!
    “Songs can influence” is a very big topic, we should leave it alone and probably because every country has a fair share in it like mister “holier” said. And one more thing.. NOT all of us are white or weigh 300 pounds in America. Think outside the box, will ya? The reason that America is the leading “defamation of other cultures” and so on.. is because we are a very diverse country composed of many different colored people, or monkeys in holier’s case. It’s natural that things like this happen when many different types of people collide.
    Holier, your last paragraph is very unnecessary and childish, causing your ideas to be weakened. Please learn english properly when proving a point. Using fancy words and then insulting really don’t mix. Haha..it’s so ridculous. I must hand it to bewildered though, he makes an ass out of us by comparing sizes. Anyways, let’s not get personal, okay? Flaming is not cool.

  13. Just to be humorous and not making sense, which will win? The monkey with wrenches or the monkey with glasses?

    There will always be better monkeys 🙂

    Not that I’m applying that I’m a smart monkey or anything, that’s for God to decide. I think there will be a few immature people who will expand on that issue I suppose….Please no.

  14. and i sit front of my 60in Sony LCD rear projection TV while watching Million Dollar Baby (DAMM goodass movie) on Samsung HD-DVD950 DVD player…

    see how Japan, Korea and America can get along?

  15. this just proves that the anti-japan protests n shit are created by the media and are practically spoon fed to korean children at birth.
    what pisses me off is i never hated koreans, not even disliked them… until i was spat on in a korean restaurant for speaking japanese… ahhh… i’m wasting my time.


    this is to all u anti- japanese

  16. What the hell! Koreans have a church on just about every corner, even in old Circuit City buildings. Walk across the street on red traffic signals and wonder why they get run over. Fear the FOB with a car! Cant drive worth beans. Cut in front of the guy in a wheelchair and say so solly, I new hew.
    Claiming Korea numbah one! If numbah one, go back,stop embarrishing the good korean american community.

  17. how can koreans dis america with rap songs.without america there would be no rap. thats like a kkk member goin to a 50 cent concert then goin home sayin fuckin niggers

  18. AZkid: The first site is nothing but a list of silly justifications for Japanese Imperialism and the second site is nothing but a dull blog listing PC things around the world that offend the author.

  19. The rap I just read was rude&offending. Instead of having peace between the two countries, until now~ Some koreans still hate Japanese people? I appreciate those koreans who dont hate the Japanese. All I know is that, not all koreans act like this.

    Whoever made that rap should get a life.

  20. Fuck Japan. THey’re starving their asses. Fuck you japs fuckign cunts of a disgrace to humanity.

  21. the second site is nothing but a dull blog listing PC things around the world that offend the author.

    LOL, the person who writes that site is like the dictionary definition of a hiki komori. The good thing is that his new site now seems to keep him distracted enough to prevent him from being a nuisance elsewhere.

  22. Let me get this straight — Koreans believe their penises are bigger than Japanese ones?

  23. People can be so rude on the internet when they don’t have to show their real names. And Suzukisan, I feel sorry for you for not knowing that Nazi is spelled with a ‘Z.’

  24. It’s too bad, to read an article about some oddly-offensive Korean rap lyrics, only to continue reading ignorant comments from some of the readers. Life’s too short to waste time shouting your narrow-minded racist views at people. Go spend time with your families or something.

  25. Not being a racist.
    But thesedays in Japan, distortion of history DOES happen although it’s just a small group of people who doesn’t want to admit Japan’s fault and
    trying to give a impression to people(japanese)that they haven’t dont anything bad. I, as a Korean who’s living in America, to me it’s really annoying and it’s a pain every time i read news articles about Japan is distorting history. I don’t know how japanese or other people will think but not all japanese are bad, only little percentage of japanese believe in such a thing like justifying what they did in WW2 or threat that they did to other nations. Because of my grammar and English writing skills are not as good as you guys…I won’t be able to write what I WANT to write…it’s kind of sad..
    Korea and Japan, China is 3 nations fighting over histories.
    I’m not saying this because I’m Korean.
    The Things I want to talk about:

    1) Northeast Project supported by Chinese Govt. must be stopped. China claiming GoGuRyeo as their tribute state or local government, whatever they say, that’s not true.

    2) Text book problems in Japan, although people didn’t really select that particular textbooks, maybe in like 2030 when those children are taught, it might be a big problem(my opinion).

    3) Some really bad Japanese historians say that Japanese and Chinese gave Koreans developed skills to Korea, however, SO FAR, it is believed that cultures or skills were sent from China to Korea, and then to Japan.(not 100% true.) It’s all Japanese’s fault that they burned nearly 360,000 historical records of Korea when they invaded because they didn’t want to see Korean history is better than their history. Kind of sad story huh?

    4) And i think almost every 99.9% foreigners think King Sejong made Han-gul(language that Kroean use today)and it’s based on chinese characters. Even some dictionaries or world history textbooks made by Pearson? or some company(the textbook that i had when i was freshman in high school) says that both Korean and Japanese language can describe situation and words well because they borrowed from chinese. BUT, Goguryeo had their own distinct language, but they somewhat lacked alphabet so they borrowed from chinese characters. Most important fact is that GoGuRyeo’s language is significantly different from that of Chinese. Their grammars, and all stuff. And GoGuRyeo is known as Altai language group while Chinese aren’t. As Sinla finally unites empires that was divided, Korean culture were under heavy Chinese influence since after GoGuRyeo collapsed. The funny thing is that GoGuRyeo’s language is very similar to japanese, make people thinking that GoGuRyeo probably had sent missionaries to Japan to give a culture when Japan wasn’t developed. Baek-Jae is the most fabulous empire, because they almost made Japan that exists today. check out artifacts and everything, from the artifact that Baek Jae’s prince gave to Japanese King and Ba Dook(it’s like asian chess with black and white circular hard stuff) that was given to Japanese king from Baek Jae although Japanese doesn’t seem to admit that they got cultures from Baek-jae. And most stupid Korean historians say that Bae Jae only existed in the area that came to be known as Korean peninsula. The fact is that BaekJae was a BIG empire that they had appointed people to rule the 8 provinces(as I remember) and They existed in land that came to be known as Easter China as well. Currently, historians, or linguists are searching for evidence. That chinese wasn’t made by themselves. Chinese themselves, doesn’t call their traditional people as “Dong-ee-In”, and in their historical records, it says Koreans are Dong ee in. But then, when they talk about people like Gong Ming(Gong Myung in Korean pronounciation), they say Gong Ming is Dong ee In, but they say his chinese. it’s weird to see how they make things all together, like a puzzle.
    GoGuRyeo was a indeed a empire that lasted long and called as Superpower at East Asia that had developed their distinctive culture.(Look at On-Dol, Hot floor, is there any country which uses hot floor as heating system? No, I don’t think so. And Korean still uses hot floor every each building and houses and apt.) ANYWAY, sorry if it was little too long, but i gotta say this for last. *** I think the reason why Chinese govt. supports Northeast Project is too surpass(surpress?)Korean before they unite and claim their land that was taken by Japan and to china for rail road building agreement.(Manchuria) And also, would chinese let Korean history alive when their country is developing rapidly? They would also want a best of the best history in the world as their economy.

    so my point is, most of you guys won’t believe but Chinese are distorting Korean histories as well as Japanese distorts Korean history. But All~ blames goes to Korean government who just sat and doing nothing ^^ shame of you all governors who would like to give bribe to people and who fights against different parties. Check out how GoguRyeo and Baek Jae and Sinla collapsed. They could exist far much more if they didn’t fight themselves. Why would Korean fight over Korean? What if GoGuRyeo united all of old Korean empires and lure out every invaders and expand? But things doesn’t go by what you want I guess.
    I’m Proud of my native country Korea. But Korea is not the best right now.
    Koreans have a characteristic like once they get very angry they act crazy but then when time goes on they don’t even remember anything about it. We Korean call this characteristic as “Naem-Bi-Gn-Sung”(Naem bi means a pan and Gn sung means like characteristic that one person or animal has. And It means like When Pan gets very hot the water moves violently but then when times goes on, the water calm down as if nothing happened.)
    And Koreans also like to fight each other. Look at Koreans. They wouldn’t live together or get along together in one house. Look at other Asians, like Chinese, for example.
    They can live in one same house without any problem(as far as I know..but I think they have no problem at all) and Chinese can unite themselves very well. But Look at stupid Koreans, they fight each other, always thinking about how to beat the others up.
    Isn’t that so ridiculous? Now, it’s 2005. I’m very sure Korean needs an improvement.
    And YES, Koreans are eager to always be the best, hard working people believe it or not(mostly..haha)
    SO please Koreans, look at yourself before you tell someone about a thing.(as someone said at above)
    When I’m Korean why would I write bad things about Korea? Because bad things needed to be change and that’s how things go.

    Thank you for reading my un-organized and bad written writings.
    thank you. If you really read all. Haha

    When I get to explain things about Korea I can’t help with my organization skill.
    I don’t know what to write first, I just write what my brain thinks. Haha
    sorry if you can’t understand what I wrote..
    I know I’m not a fully grown dude yet.(both physically but also mentally)
    so please tell me if my views are bad or if I sound like racist..lol oTL..

    i would want to hear about how people think.
    my email addres…….
    eh…it says it won’t be published but i want to hear how others think.
    so my e mail address is vsonic2002@hotmail.com
    thank you for patient again..i’m so horrible writer…
    who would read my article if i be reporter? o_O?

  26. Actually, Korea is distorting its history. There is no freedom to criticize the government in Korea, although there is unlimited freedom to curse at Japanese people. There is virtually not reinforcement on patents and copy rights in Korea, either, so lots of Japanese ideas and products are copied by koreans and koreans claim that they are originally invented by koreans.
    it is obvious that koreans just don’t want to admit that koreans feel inferior to japanese people, culturally, historically, and economically.

  27. who cares. all u chinks want to look like white people anyways. i bet you all think white and asian mixes look better than straight yellow. u know why? its that inferiority complex. You’ll never look as good as the white man. so go eat some kemchi or sushi or shrimp fried rice you slit/slant eyed freaks.

  28. I have to say the Chinese ,Koreans,Asia period and alot of Eastern Eroupean countries are ruining North America so eres some friendly tips well visiting or staying(which i see often in Canada)
    1. Speaking English in Public Assholes-I dont care where you come from its called Respect and if you cant speak it dont bother coming here at all.

    2. Asian Influx-If your staying in countries to gain Education dont make a habit of staying there after you complete your courses and please well we are on the subject DONT BRING YOUR FAMILIES! countries Like Newzealand and Austria and America and UK and well alot of other countries I see more and more Koreans and other kinds of Asians everyday if you come from a partly shitty nation and come here why do you try to make our Nations shitty to? just a question -YOU RUINED AUCKLAND!!!- erm.
    3. please and I cant stress this enough If you ignored all my friendly steps on traveling to North America and other nice countries please do not think your better then the countrie your staying in and think that your former country was better and if it was why not just go back?
    well those are my tips my colored friends and P.S. go fuck yourselfs= )
    (im not a Rasict I think Asians and others hide behind that word so other people feel bad or ignore how they are ruining and Influxing our Western Cultures Dont think of me as Racisit my friends think of me as Real.)

  29. I don’t completely agree with the above poster but it does distrub me about the influx of all these Asiatic nationals into other countires, and there inability to assimilate or adapt to Westren ways…
    Anyway, Korea is the armpit of the world. If it vanished tomorrow – only Koreans would care. Why you ask? Because they are so overly nationalistic that they cannot realize that cannot even realize how pathetic their history is, how ununique they are as people, how horrendous their behaviour is, how much there food tastes like carp and this can go on for every. I am afraid to say it but the previous comment about Korea should have being nuked is absolutely freaking right. Wiping out hate-infested Korea would do the whole world a favor; especially as mercy killing to thoses pathetic Koreans.

  30. Wow. I’m Korean and I’m disgusted about this. Makes me think Korea is actually jealous of Japan and hates foreign countries as well. Sorry to see this happening and I apologize to all on behalf of S. Korea.

  31. In S.Korea , there seemed to be a rumor that Japanese rapper group “DNP006” released a song to insult S.Korea, and S.Korean rapper group made this song against it. BUT there’s not such a group in Japan. This was a lie to fan S.Korean fury toward Japan, in other words this is Korean own self-playing. But S.Korean Govt. took in it and protested formally to Japan.
    This song seemed to be at the top in S.Korea charts.

  32. I lived in Korea for 3 years total, one before the schoolgirls got ran over and 2 after. Korea was night and day before and after. Being extreme is a very Korean trait I have observed. The anti Japan sentament in Korea and China is manufactured and nurtered by the respective governments. They just want more money out of Japan. They might even believe that Japanese people are somehow stupid or ignorant because they always act carefree. All 3 nations lie about their history, China and Korea flat out invent things that happened and exagerate the numbers of people killed. I dont like kicking people when they are down and Japan most definately lost WWII with the tune of about 4 million casualties and 2 nuclear devices. The war is over and America won it not Korea and not China. I honostly feel like they are being incredibly stupid. Japan could go nuclear in about 30 minutes and has more advanced technology for building the little things like global missles that can hit a specific house. Japan is pacifist because they chose to be not because they are pansies.

  33. Japan n korea have had a bad history… but you get intelligent koreans and japanese (majority) who realise that war and racism only brings more hurt to humans…. and then you have really retarded, fucked up japanese and koreans (minority) who are a waste of room on this planet and should really be killed e.g pplz who made this song


    fucking slant-eyed nips. keep slaughtering whales you heartless scumbag fagfuckers.


  35. im jap. living in australia. i dont like japan much. but im sure japanese artist never released anti-korea song.
    im sure you guys dont want to see korea beats japan. most japanese loves most overseas country (90% of jap hates only north korea) and we hope peaceful life.
    korean people thinking theyre best and when theyre facing a problem, their only solution is fight. korean people really believing that korea will beat japan, america and be a biggest country

  36. The point is that stupid korean rap group did a shitty thing. by the way, koreans can’t rap. i’m from North America and Asian and i don’t think Asians should rap. lmao. i don’t know why. it just sounds bad plus it’s a gangster thing from North America. they dont have it there in Asia so don’t try to represent you bastards.


    that stupid korean rap group did it. hate them, only them and those who agree with them.

  37. LOL I like how americans here talk about korean history 😛 And that post about WWII “The war is over and America won it” i LMAO! Are you serious or just pretending to be ignorant? If you dont like koreans fine by me if you hate them its your problem why not drop some nuclear bombs there? 😛 IMHO that rap was indeed stupid:P and as a poster above said asians cant rap.


  39. Recently I came upon this article.
    I’m partly Japanese. Yet, I have detested japanese reaction to the aftermath of WW2. Those people who tried to reveil the truth was banned from publishing the book and still is. Those of us who were againsted the Japanese army during the war had been called “Hikokumin” meaning, Non-Japanese. Treated as such by brutality.
    My family had long been againsted the WW2 and treated as such, and I lived in Japan in my youth age, and I realized I wasn’t welcomed, because of the project I tried to do about history class.
    I believe in past Japan did try to hide their shame, rather than confess and forgiveness from “fellow” asian nations. I know it’s true, cuz I know the publisher had banned one of my favorite author… The book is finished but at this time, it’s still not published.
    But as partly Japanese, I saw this lyric and felt sad.
    Sad that it get to this far. I feel bad of being partly Japanese, but there is no way I could change that particular fact. When the babies are born, they do not have “choices” of which country to be born in.
    Now this lyric is attacking “all” Japanese people just because they are born in Japan. Some does try to face away from the awful fact that Japanese army did to the koreans, but not all.
    By producing a song with this much hate, on any nationality only produces counter hate… I don’t ask not to hate Japanese, but I just want people to realize that each one of us are different. Not only what you hear or see in TV news are true for all the people who lives in. It just like you and I. I know there are racists in “every country”, but if we forget to look into the individual and over-grouping in one big chung, we are missing out whole a lot more…

    My favorite singer Paul McCartney once sang…
    “We all know, the people are the same wherever you go
    there is good N’ bad, in everyone…
    we learn to live, we learn to give each other what we need it to survive…”
    I hope that Japanese does learn the shameful truth and come clean with it,
    and I hope someday, that Korean people could forgive Japanese who had felt shame in their history…

  40. Eh. xP
    I wish people didn’t judge others so quickly. Just because you’ve met a Korean who curses and was really agressive, should I say, dosn’t mean that all Koreans are like that. Just because a Japanese person you met didn’t confess their doings(?) in WW2 and tried to pretend they know nothing about it dosn’t mean they are. When you say a country’s name, you’d be reffering to the whole country and not just one particular person/animal/thing. You say ‘Korean’, it could mean any Korean unless you specifically specify which would might seem quite uneccessary to most. As Anubis commented, no one comes and askes us to which nation you’d like to belong to, although wouldn’t it be lovely if they did? All Koreans and Japanese aren’t the same. That goes for every country. Why do you have to hate whole of Korea just because that one band/group made an absolutely horrid song about Japan? And why agree with the song when I know you haven’t met every single Japanese that exists and ever existed in this world?

    Yes, Japan was very cruel in WW2 and especially Korea and China suffered a lot and some S.Koreans, most N. Koreans haven’t gotten over Japan’s cruelty. And by the look of China after ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ I think most Chinese haven’t gotten over it too, although I could be wrong.

    We would all love it if China, Japan and Korea could just sit around a small table and discuss this very friendly but alas, whole of all the three countries couldn’t fit around one small table unless someone really ambitious would want to make a gigantic table for the three nations or build a shrinking machine of some sort to shrink the people. The ones who will go out representing each nation would be the presidents or the prime minister or any other high authority(?). But, most just have to disagree with the government. Because none of us are the same. We’re all different in a way from one another. We think different and we look at things differently. I may be going a little off topic here.

    China, Japan and Korea can discuss about this and become friends if only some, just some of those idiots would open up their minds and tried to put themselves in the others’ shoes. It’s mostly because of those people who just keep mingling around one small spot rather than trying to see the bigger picture. All those three nations – China, Japan and Korea, together could make a really fabulous family. If only they tried.

    It’s history. A really bad history that dosn’t need to remembered or brought up. Just a simple summary would have done the trick but then again some people just have to know the details, like me. Haha.

    I haven’t got anything against any nation. Although if I have to not like something by or in a nation, I would probably hate the government because, oh come on. I haven’t met a single person in my life who agrees with the government except for nevermind. -.-;

    We would all love it if all the nations were friends but I doubt that would happen anytime soon or late. But if it does, kill me.

  41. i just stumbled onto dis site and just by reading dat song, i’m beginning to not like koreans and i don’t think i ever want to go to korea. and whats with the rap lyrics, the rythmn better be good because the lyrics suck its really shit. and having sentences full of non stop swearing dosen’t count as lyrics or talent. at least make the rubbish make sense. so people who hate you can tell what ur on about. if dat song went to #1 korean chats i really didn’t know, any kind of people could be so fucked up, so low. thanks for warning me about your country, thanks to you everyone who has a brain will know never to go to korea. your nation thanks you for destroying their reputation.

  42. I have been a fan of DJ DOC until the very moment I came upon this song. I humbly apologize (especially to Japan) for the controversy this song has raised. And I hope everyone understands that not all Koreans think like this.

  43. Jamie, you got to realise that the song was written in Korean and not in English and the lyrics that you’ve just read was a translation. It does make a lot of sense IF you read the original Korean lyrics and understood them.
    And no one ever forced you to go to Korea nor do you have to. You got a bad impression from this song, your problem. You read lyrics of just one, ONE song and you change your whole mind about Korea. Do you know how much Chinese and the Koreans suffered during WW2? How the Japanese treated them? They try to forget but for some it just dosn’t work. You try to put yourself in the shoes of the ones who suffered. You’ll understand.
    Although, I agree that the song was uneccessary, I do not completely agree with your comment.

  44. Maybe problem is person of Korea is too angry?
    Too much kimchi on their rectum is probably?
    It is known that kimchi from Korea has high level of lead and other non-edible substance.

    This is called “bwa-jung syndrome”

  45. I tell you one thing real.

    American invent a product.
    Japanese make the product smaller & better.
    Chinese mass-produce it & lower its price.

    there’s no way korean can participate in this cyclye so….
    They insist the origin of the product and lower their reputation.

  46. White guy here- living in California, but grew up around mostly Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. I have dated all, lived in both Korea and Japan and understand both cultures from an ‘Asian American’ perspective and a ‘from inside the country’ perspective.

    A few comments:

    – First off, it’s hard to group a bunch of people together, because everyone is different.
    I have great Korean friends, who are kind, heartfelft and are not racist at all. At the same time I find Koreans here in the US to be pretty self centered, very Korean centric, love to think they are rich, women think they are perfect and if you are not Korean in a Korean nightclub you are looked upon like a virus.

    Personally, I have since avoided dating more Korean gals (10 in my life is enough and they tend to never be satisfied).

    – Koreans are studious, bright and strive for top educations (probably to feed egos)

    Koreans in Korea, generally anti-foreigner, there is also an anti american flavor there, because of the military. It’s too bad they don’t realize that it is their own elected government that is asking the US military to be there. Hello!! Wake up and stop blaming others.

    – hot headed and the the girls wear too much make up, although if you meet a korean gal who is pretty w/o make up- she is probably very pretty.



    Japanese Americans-Personally, I have always clicked with Japanese Americans- I have golf buddies, surf buddies and we used to fix up our cars together back in the day.

    – these people are more American than they are Japanese, so leave them out of your ww2 talk.

    – Have probably dated 7 Japanese American gals, but never quite found the right one and they tend to all want a tall white guy- they dont even care about the charactor- any tall white guy will do and they will bang as many as needed until they find the one who wants to have cute babies. MAJOR TURN OFF.

    stopped dating Japanese Americans.

    Japanese from Japan- different animal. the girls tend to be more cute than beauiful-more like stuffed animals than women- so while I had relations with quite a few there- not something I wanted to settle down with. They freakin agree with anything and that annoys me. too easy, no backbone- TURN OFF

    The guys- Japanese in Japan do have an underlying sense of being elite among the Asians- this is the downside, but the younger generation is more open and I think more realistic.

    I don’t think you Koreans should go apeshit on all Japanese because of what happpened 50+ years ago. Blame the politicians, don’t blame the average Joe.


    Chinese- Americans.

    I have personally bonded well with Chinese people, both at a personal and business level, but they do tend to cheat in business and are very frugal in their ways.

    – Like Koreans very astute and bright, culturally they focus heavily on education and getting ahead.

    – The downside is that they tend to be very selfish, self motivated and dont give a shit about anything else around them. Ever been to a Chinese market? It is kill or be killed in the check out lines.

    Driving conditions around Chinese areas are not too safe either, but still better than the Koreans.

    – Chinese girls are pretty chill, fairly open minded and not as elitist as the Koreans and not as ‘easy’ as the Japanese. They will say it and mean it and argue it-I admire that in the long term.

    Maybe not quite as pretty as a whole relative to the others, but some are really stunning and tend to have a more elegant look than the Japanese, taller and often more refined. Korean are also refined, but the make up is usually so heavy it’s hard to know if you are dating a hot Korean or Jumbo the clown.

    Chinese in Taiwan, China, HK- too much info to go there, but you will find them very family driven, but selfish in the world around them. A lof of depth in Chinese culture, from food, to fashion, to history to origins of the other two.


  47. wow sixfour, thanks so much for weighing in on how great dating all of the asian races was. here i was, about to go to sleep when i have your scintillating commentary on the differences between asian women to read.

    if i could do a runbyrun commentary on different american men, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun! i mean, i could talk about the cruelty and coldness of german-descended men (STEREOTYPE) or the sophistication of french men and their penchant for black turtlenecks (STEREOTYPE) or the drunken irish men i’ve dated, but i don’t do that kind of shit because i’m not an idiot.

  48. ok … the only reason why they wrote this song was to show their anger towards japan… you people dont know shit! they tortured and persecuted Coreans! the japanese came in and forced Coreans to change their names and learn japanese or they would be killed. My grandfather’s brother was killed in front of his face because he drew the Corean flag… but my grandfather escaped and told my great grandmother what happened with his brother’s blood on his face…they really messed Corea up they even changed the spelling! Corea is spelled with a c but the japanese (with their strange minds) believed that countries that came alphabetically first meant they were better, so the japanese people believed that they couldnt have Corea be better than japan so they changed it to Korea because k came after j … they also took the cherry blossom flowers from Corea and claimed that it originated from japan… japan tryed to erase Corean culture … I personally think in a small scaled way japan acted like hitler…tried to terminate a race.. the only difference is that japan and Corea have the same color hair and eyes so Japan didnt kill people for what they looked like but by how the Corean people acted towards the changes that japan made if the Coreans resisted they were killed…
    the only reason why Coreans hate americans is because of some of their ruthless acts… like once they ran over some Corean girls in a tank and didn’t even alopogize.. some people even siad that they ran the girls over for fun … Coreans wouldnt have been upset with Americans for no good reason…

  49. I deleted the petty threats that were just posted. I won’t have threats on this blog.

  50. I was looking for a good Korean restaurant in a city I have to travel to next week when I came across this site. It made for an interesting read although I have to say I was surprised at some of the comments. I am an American and lived and worked in South Korea for three years in the early 1980’s installing navigation systems. I worked with Korean engineers and traveled through many citys in the southern regions of South Korea. I have to say that out of all the countries I have lived in outside the United States, South Korea has been my favorite. The country was beautiful, the people were beautiful and they were always very friendly to me. I can’t imagine what as changed in South Korea to make anyone write some of the things that I am reading here.

    It’s my opinion that in life you get what you give. I have always been kind, friendly and accepting and that is exactly what I received from the people of South Korea when I was fortunate enough to live in their country. As for this person BewilderedinBusan I have to believe that he is receiving exactly what he is giving to the people of South Korea. Koreans are no different than Americans and some people just have a general bad attitude about life and the people around them. The Koreans around this person can probably sense his attitude and consequently treat him with disdain. My advise would be to treat people better, learn from them, and enjoy the privilage of living in another country. When I was in South Korea did everyone I came across love Americans, absolutly not but I always treated everyone with respect and listened to what they had to say. As for people not moving out of your way when getting off an elevator or crowded subway, this makes me think you have never lived in a city with a population above 100,000. Learning how to say excuse me in the native language works wonders and even then most other countries do not have the same orderliness you find in the United States. We in America get used to standing in nice lines and always try hard not to bump into others, some would say it’s because we’re dry and boring. Sometimes a little chaos is fun and exciting, enjoy it while you can.

    As for this song everyone is up-in-arms about we have the same type of garbage coming out of the mouths of many of our singers in America also. I have three teenagers and have to keep track of what they are listening to. Someone gets angry, they write an angry song because thats how they express themselves and we have to decide what we’re going to pay our hard earned dollars for. Koreans have every right to feel anger toward Japan, yes it’s been 50+ years but it’s been 50+ years since Hitler murdered 6 million Jews and thankfully we still remember. What Japan did to Korea and China and the Philippines is every bit as horrible and should never be forgotten, how we choose to remember and what we do to ensure it never happens again shows what kind of people we are.

    I read one post where it was written “Why can’t we all just get along”, wouldn’t that be nice. Unfortunately, even if we were all the same race and the same nationality we would still find reasons to hate. I remember when one of my daughters was about 5 years old I was reading a Dr. Suess book to her, I think it was called “Sneaches” or something like that. In the story there were these animals called Sneaches and some had stars on their bellies and some did not. The ones with stars thought of themselves as superior to the others and treated them badly. So along comes this monkey named McBein who has a machine that will put stars on these Sneaches bellies for a price. Of course they pay to have stars put on their bellies, then the original ones with stars pay to have theirs taken off. This goes on until they all run out of money and the monkey is happy as he drives off with all their money, and the Sneaches can’t tell what group they belong to anymore. After I read this story my daughter lifts up her shirt and says “Daddy, does everyone have a belly-button?” I told her that yes I believe they do and then she says “I guess that means we’re all the same”. This is the genius of a 5 year old, we should all be ashamed for thinking any different.

    Gina, your comments about why Korea is spelled with a K instead of a C seem a little odd to me. I have to admit that I don’t know why this is but unless Korea and Japan were using english at the time why would it matter to them. I had always heard that the name Korea came from one of it’s dynasties and I believe that in Spanish it is spelled with a C. As far as an American running over a Korean girl for fun, I think a reasonable person would find that accusation to be not credible. I’ve been involved in a couple of aircraft accident investigations and can tell you that even an eye witness will often elaborate on what they saw. When people are excited what happened and what they think they saw can be two different things. I can understand how when an incident occurs involving the United States in another country it can balloon into something that it is not, I think that is just natural.

    Anyway, I had some time and decided to throw my 2 cents in.

  51. bahahahaha you should all calm the fuck down
    for fucks sake, its rap
    have you ever heard a rap song NOT insulting someone or something?
    becuase if i did i wouldnt listen to it ahahaha

  52. pretty pointless to see all the koreans and japanese fighting over nothing and insulting others. and THEN saying that their people never insulted the other, etc. when in truth they all made fun of each other for centuries. people who go into a flaming rage when you hear things like this are really morons. [and probably there are quite a few koreans and japanese who started flaming each other just now.] this is a complete joke; don’t piss yourselves.

  53. Anti-Japanese, Or Anti-Korean, They are the exactly the same. I hope they just stop bitching at each other. Nothing we can get from it. Still, So many Japaneses insist that they are superior to Korean, So many Korean diss Japaneses everyday about their ugly history. War is not a solution, everybody knows this, tyring to talk is the best way to improve the relationship of the two countries. I think.

  54. You whiteboys better quit fucking our girls you smelly cheese cracker bitches. And to the asian girls who are fucking these albino mother fuckers should be ashamed. You have disgraced your fathers you dumb bitches. Good day.

  55. From what ive seen, this site doesnt even show 5% of the real racist shit going around on websites. I seriously think that if this doesnt stop, war can happen anytime soon. But the thing is that the racism and superiority is happening between the common people that are sitting in front of their monitor fucking themselves over because they read shit on the interent and their pride (if so) takes over. Its like a stupid cycle, Japan pisses on Korea, then Korea shits on Japan!! i mean, what the hell is wrong with these people? Arent Asians supposedly one of the smartest people in the world? Why can’t they stop for just 5 damn seconds and think..”hmm…i wonder what in the hell is going to happen if uhh….uhh…we keep fighting and teasing and being dickheads?” Well, maybe war?
    Just forgive and FORGET.

  56. War? Why would 2 Countries go to war just because some rappers and citizens like to talk shit to each other? Also Japan cannot to go war and doesn’t even have a military built to go to war ever since the US bitch slapped and castrated them after WW2. The Japs and Koreans have been fighting ever since the Countries were formed. Nothing is new, nothing is ever new. It is prefectly OK to bash Japan if you are an Asian because of all the war crimes they committed. The Japanese have the 8th biggest economy in the world but also lead the world in suicides with over 30,000 annually. HAHA Tell the Japs to get their fucking teeth fixed and to stop making so such nasty pornography.

  57. all i know is that, japan did fukk up lots of people but so have the chinese and koreans…. there isnt one nation out there that hasnt commited a crime i tink the best thing to do is forgive and strive for a better future

  58. hello folks,

    I was reading some posts here that are worth reading(since there are so much trash talking).

    let me introduce myself…I’m a Korean guy living U.S., enjoy reading news articles about East asian countries. To be honest, I really hated the Japanese government for distorting their shameful history. Yes, during the WWII, Japanese army did some inhumane crimes to Chinese/Korean/Russian civilians. I have talked to many Japanese people over age 20 and they only know that there was a war in 1940s due to some various reasons with excuses. It angers me. It tortures me inside.

    As you know, all East Asian countries are homogenic society and have become very nationalistic since 1900s-today. (note to non-east asians)Unlike China, Korea, and Japan, United States is very open society backed by its constitution. So Americans won’t understand our point of view ever even if it takes over 100 years. If you try to bash in to just make fool of yourself, do it so but no one cares.

    So here’s the truth(trust me) :
    Japan hates North Korea especially with all the nuclear threat/testing these days. (note that Japan has 2 A-bomb history)
    Majority of Koreans hate Japan for ruining their country and doing horrible things to their people.
    Few Japanese people hate both North and South Korea to retaliate from Korea wave.
    Majority of chinese in East China region hates Japan for the War and causing death of over 4 million people.

    Will this change? no not for long long time. Is there any way we can keep the peace in the East? yes. but with all the lame politicians in all 3 countries, it’s not going to be possible. That’s why we, citizens of one race, must start showing some respect and love their our culture. That’s all I want to say

  59. All you fools are funny. Maybe the solution is to fight until all of us are to tired to fight each other.

    Fight the Power, idiots.

  60. I found this entry while looking for the mp3 by DJ DOC, and I’m glad I did, since I saw more clearly about this whole racism surrounding koreans (few, 4-5 comments were very insightful and enlightening).

    As a korean born in america, I grew up liking japanese cartoons and later on music, and by my relatives and parents I was told it was a shameful thing and that I should stop having such interests as a korean.
    I was young and I wasn’t aware of WWII and all I saw was irrational foolishness and hypocrisy (they bash japan so adamantly, yet they eat sushi).
    The first generations of koreans born in america tended to be like me, oblivious to the whole ordeal.

    But now that I’m more educated in WWII, I see that they have a point; especially my parents’ generation and their parents’ generations. It hasn’t been that long ago in the historical timeline.

    Japan, I believe are doing the best out of the 3 countries (China, Korea, Japan) in remedying the past; probably since it was a shameful defeat for them.
    Therefore I think it’s only natural that avoided direct-apologies from Japan is just fueling more hate and surviving from the older generations to the newer generations.

    It’s mostly unfortunate I believe, for the Koreans and Chinese, dwelling in their hatred, because I believe it is this hatred that prevents them from evolving progressively as people in general. Not that I blame them, but it seems they’ve been ruined and remain ruined in this situation. I agree with “one who migrated to america b4 3 yrs.”, in his views about the most general korean person.

    Overall I have to say Korea is a beautiful country when I’ve been in it, with a history and culture I’m not very familiar with, and with beautiful colorful, kind people.
    It’s just unfortunate some (or perhaps the majority?) are under this rightful, yet, over-exaggerated propaganda.

  61. I found this entry while looking for the mp3 by DJ DOC, and I’m glad I did, since I saw more clearly about this whole racism surrounding koreans (few, 4-5 comments were very insightful and enlightening).

    As a korean born in america, I grew up liking japanese cartoons and later on music, and by my relatives and parents I was told it was a shameful thing and that I should stop having such interests as a korean.
    I was young and I wasn’t aware of WWII and all I saw was irrational foolishness and hypocrisy (they bash japan so adamantly, yet they eat sushi).
    The first generations of koreans born in america tended to be like me, oblivious to the whole ordeal..

    But now that I’m more educated in WWII, I see that they have a point; especially my parents’ generation and their parents’ generations. It hasn’t been that long ago in the historical timeline.

    Japan, I believe are doing the best out of the 3 countries (China, Korea, Japan) in remedying the past; probably since it was a shameful defeat for them.
    Therefore I think it’s only natural that avoided direct-apologies from Japan is just fueling more hate and surviving from the older generations to the newer generations.

    It’s mostly unfortunate I believe, for the Koreans and Chinese, dwelling in their hatred, because I believe it is this hatred that prevents them from evolving progressively as people in general. Not that I blame them, but it seems they’ve been ruined and remain ruined in this situation. I agree with “one who migrated to america b4 3 yrs.”, in his views about the most general korean person.

    Overall I have to say Korea is a beautiful country when I’ve been in it, with a history and culture I’m not very familiar with, and with beautiful colorful, kind people.
    It’s just unfortunate some (or perhaps the majority?) are under this rightful, yet, over-exaggerated propaganda.

  62. First of all for all u fucking people who wrote kroeans names as their name for this forum your all fucking japs pretending to b korean how fuckign sad is that. And plus Hey were not flat faced gooks u fucking piece of shit, Its the fucking japs that have a flat face and a fucking small ass penis the size of my fucking Pinky GAwd. Seriously u fucking Japs are the racists fucking thinking your race is superior.(japanese KKK) Fucking ridiculous, Fucking moron of a fuckin culture. Gawd u guys find fucking enjoyment over a fucking girl getting soaked in fucking Cum seriously u fuckers are fucking sick in the head. And plus for those fuckers saying samsung sux dont b jealous because its starting to develop into a better fucking company then u jap mother fuckers who like to eat fucking raw fish all day and look at child pornography. AND U FUCKING GOT OWNED IN WW2 BY THE US SO STFU B4 THEY BOMB u AGAIN

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  64. Fuck you koreans breath stinks.. so do your homes, they fuckn smell bad.also dj cock ,you guys really suck.Go eat some dog, FUCK KOREA

  65. ummmm first of all… that music is not by dj doc…. I heard that is just by some underground group in Korea and it wasn’t even mainstream… it was just listened by some koreans who are anti japan… I can speak Japanese and Korean both so… yea….

    I say fuck everyone here who are either anti Japan or anti Korea…. You guys should just grow up and go fuck urself…

    Adamu the white dude should just go fuck himself… Don’t post shits in internet to make relationship between Korea and Japan to get worse bitch… Same for all the Koreans or Japanese who make up all the bullshits and post them on internet…

  66. I ll explain all the Koreans here why Japanese are starting to hate Korea.. First, Japanese did not hate any of you, but actually, we loved you. But you guys always get fuckin cocky and say all these shits about Korea best Japan fuck… You know how much that hurts all the Korean lovers in Japan…

    I m not Japanese, I m zainichi kankokujin with Japanese name and citizenship but in my heart, I m Korean. You guys know who we fear the most?? Koreans… Every time i go to Korea walking in the streets or watever… all I hear is… シッパル チョッパリ シッパル チョッパリ シッパル チョッパリ 씨발 쪽발이 씨발 쪽발이 씨발 쪽발이 All Koreans should just grow the fuck up!!!!!

  67. and fuck all the americans in this site who diss all the asians… If you guys make us angry, in ten years, you guys will get fucked… No one likes US anyways… You ll see what country gets raped in 10 years first….

    South East Asians… no SOUTH EAST ASIANS gonna rule the world bitches!!!!!!! country with no history should just go fuck themselves… Except Canada… I love Canada hahahaha

  68. I find that rap to be deeply offensive, and I’m not even Japanese ( I’m Viet ).

    Vietnam suffered a lot under Japanese occupation also, but I’ve forgive them. On the other hand, I admit that the Japanese military during WWII was extremely brutal and cruel. I believe the reason for that can be explained with these two words, WORLD CONQUEST. All the so called “Great Empires” on their way to world domination have done similar things. Such as the Romans, Mongols and various European colonizers (ex. 100 million Native Americans were decimated by European-American genocides, now only thousands remained). Evil as it was, terror was an effective weapon to suppress the larger local population and maintain control.

    The point is, let the past be the past and move on. The fact is after losing WWII, the Japanese, being Asian ( Asian Pride ) developed one of the richest and technologically advance society in the world makes me feel proud to be Asian. I’m also glad to see that China and S. Korea’s economy is on the rise and improving. I especially like Korean movies and drama (quality stuff). Certain Westerners seemed to think Asians are inferior and we are proving them wrong. Asians should stick together, especially in America.

    Sometimes I feel no mattter how hard Asians work to fit into American society, They (non-Asian Americans) will never view us as equals. It doesn’t matter if we achieved more in life or comprehend the English language and American history better then they do. For example, in the U.S., Italian-Americans are considered full-blooded Americans, while Chinese-Americans are still looked upon prejudicely as foreigners even though they have been here much longer. Chinese people came here since the WILD WEST. They built most of America’s first railroads including the western part of Transcontinental Railroad with the help of Irish immigrants building from the east. Descendants of those Irish immigrants are now seened as more American then descendants of earlier Asian immigrants. I think it all has to do with race, and that is messed up.

    Anyways I’m serving in Japan with the United States Marine Corps

    God Bless America

  69. Serving in Japan, I came to get know many Japanese people and they are a very kind and respectful people (As with most Asian Cultures).
    I’ve also got to do a lot of sight seeing while here and seen many of Japans great natural beauty. I’ve even climbed Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain and it is quite a seen. The view of being above the clouds is spectacular. They even sell bottled oxygen on the way up because of the thinning oxygen as you go higher. Also, Japanese women are beautiful so screw all that HATING. Korean woman are equally hot, especially the ones in Philly (Go Eagles), you know who you are. I havn’t been South Korea yet, but plan to. Maybe I can try to get station there when my deployment is up. I’ll then found out how Koreans in Korea are really like (Probably the same as anywhere else).

    Semper Fi

  70. DJ Doc is a disgrace to Koreans, and maybe they :

    (A) Are Anti-Japanese racist

    (B) Doesn’t really believe that shit they’re spittin and tried to get attention with this publicity stunt (Bad P.R. move)

    (C) Getting back at Japan for bad record sales there or Japanese disinterest in their music.

    (D) Are IDIOTs

    Well thats all I can think of, there can’t be any good reason for them doing this other then hateful stupidity right? Koreans should bitch slap these crackhead musicians when they see them on the streets for making Koreans look bad. Maybe that might straigten these children out.


  71. malta? good grief. koreans believe in conspiracy theories without any real evidence. North korea is our land? wow. so many communist sympathizers in the ROK nowadays, makes me wonder just how many spied Kim Jong Il has running around seoul.

    as i korean i can attest to that.

    but a lot of what they say is true about the japanese (improper pronounciation aside). They received a lot of cultural influence from korea; they forced korean women into prostitution; they had A bombs dropped on them; their women are uglier; etc…

  72. I’m a japanese live in Australia. I dont like korea as well. those people are so disgust and stupid. they said “chinese medical” is “korean medical”, steal from other civilization.

  73. I’m a korean live in Australia. I dont like japan as well. those people are so disgust and stupid. they said “chinese medical” is “japanese medical”, steal from other civilization.

  74. Bah fuck japan. They are so rude I saw ‘lots’ of mangas doramas Utabang animes movies h-games books from japan I liked them and now not anymore screw them!!

    They just mimic americans nowadays, so if you are an american and if you see them they might look cool, but inside them it’s old japanese-feminist country and men act like women, women act like bitches. Yeah we all know Asian culture is started with feminism anyway. They actually think americanism is stupid and they worship British people omg. They think british culture is somewhat superior to american and say american culture is worse than british culture because irish american people are stupid.

    There is one fucking japanese wom.. bitch, living next to my apartment room and she watches that damn fucking japanese TV until 4am with fucking loud volume and she complains about me being loud after 11.P.M not knowing her’s is worse. Now, given that I told her that her T.V. was more noisy, she now watch that fucking JAP TV with fucking loud volume until six fucking A.M.

    You know how japanese language sound so stressful. She’s acting like a person I saw on the japanese manga who bullies other person because she didn’t do anything wrong and because it’s other person’s fault she doesn’t have to be responsible for anything she’s doing and act like a ‘psycho’. Fuck them, every japanese people nowadays act like a little psycho but they just think being psycho look COOL and they just mimic other psycho CHARACTERs from T.V., damn japanese gov, what are you feeding them? Well not much for the other countries’ media countrol but no one feeds some shit to make them psycho.

    So, anyway, I’ve seen japanese enough, not all Korean hate japanese some loves japanese, some even worship them, trust me I was one of them when I was ‘kid’ in Korea, now I can’s say much being depressed like this hating fucking japanese bitch with fucking loud T.V. volume but I KNOW japanese people have some kinda vanity problem and when their vanity got attacked by others they now hell to the revenge. Don’t trust japanese. Inside them, they ARE racist.

    American’s are ignorant so there isn’t much of a american racist. But, Japanese care about everything fucking sluts it;s none of their business but they care and they got worse thing than Korean so they fuck american europian country japanese boys drive people to the suicide by bullying them and…

    Anyway, japan sucks. But american suck more. Korean suck even more.

    So why don’t you just go fuck yerself

  75. fuck koreans…..or COREANS..lol, I like how these super yobbo’s spell korea. Claiming shit like the Japanese made you fucking gooks change the C to a K so Japan would be listed first alphabetically. That’s some funny shit. You fucking Koreans are soooo fucking jealous of the Japanese it’s really pathetic. War is war but you faggots keep asking for your “compensation”. Can’t play soccer for shit so you faggots try to cheat in the world cup, all you dipshits did was waste alot of money on those stupid ass “go with the REDS” shirts. I see and know that you faggot Koreans have alot of pride, but do you know how fucking funny it is to see you faggots constantly lose? World Baseball Classic? Hahahha those dumb Korean faggots thinking they won it all, mounting that Kim CHee flag on the pitcher’s mound only to lose it all to Japan 2 days later.
    Just visit Korea for a day and you’ll see what a shit hole it is. Fucked up drivers who don’t give a afuck about anything but themselves (most Koreans are like this)..the litter everywhere…it’s fucking disgusting. All of your hag Korean women are sluts with plastic surgery. Fucking prostitution os your biggest export! it’s either that or pick-pocketers. What the fuck is up with you people? Seriously? I hate it when fucking Koreans compare themselves to the Japanese or worse yet, move to Japan and take Japanese names!
    Stay in Korea, Eat a dog, fuck your whore women, praise Kim Jong Il…just admit you’re Korean.
    Koreans are big time copyright violators, you’re whole country is based on LIES. FUCKING DOG EATING LIARS! UNTITE WITH NORTH KOREA SO ALL YOU FAGGOTS CAN STARVE.

  76. How should I start; well how about I say…..Yah or better yet YEEEEAAAH. I served in the military in S. Korea and must say that some of the comments posted by foreigners who have been there or that have been around Koreans are completely warranted. Koreans in general (there are a few token people that are not) are very Jingoistic and condescending even when they don’t realize it (he,he,he,he!). I am of Mexican American origin, but I do not look like the stereotypical Mexican that many people have in mind. My appearance corresponds more with someone of Middle Eastern descent (i.e: Lebanese or Jordanian). Coincidentally, people of Lebanese descent tend to be among the most successful people in Mexico (much more than Koreans in Mexico who sell contraband in Tepito), and I suspect I might have some bloodties etc. One experience of blatant racism explains it all. While serving in South Korea, North of Seoul; one weekend a fellow soldier and I decided to venture out to Seoul and on the way stopped through Oui Jong Bu. Of course there is Camp Red Cloud in Ouijongbu (don’t know if the romanized script is correct), which has a large G.I presence. Well anyway, my friend and I ventured the streets and where hungry so we decided to go to get some typical food. As my friend and I approached a restaurant ( was still open, because some customers where inside eating), we where met at the door by the Korean owner with an unwelcoming grin, who told us to leave and then stated, “This restaurant for Korea people only.” Both my friend and I where baffled and shocked. The fellow soldier who accompanied me at the time was originally from Mexico (who was dark and short), and the thought entered my mind, “could it be that this guy is refusing service to us because he thinks we are some low-life hispanics?” I also found it funny to think that these are the same people that will be hosting foreigners when the World Cup comes in 2002. I also thought, what if someone of Asian descent decided to go to Mexico for instance and was refused service at an ordinary local restaurant (Classism does exist in Mexico, so people who are dressed ordinarily cannot be expected to be received into a luxurious restaurant) if they’d be rejected in the same way. I’ve never heard of it happening, in fact most Latin American countries are known for their hospitable nature. In any case, since I live in California, I have had continued contact with Korean people. One of the women I know named Mrs. Kang owns a water-store, coincidentally in a low-income area. We have a friendly relationship, but sometimes I actually wonder if she realizes what she is saying. She knows I am of Mexican origin, but some of her generalized questions seem to be quite insulting; such as, “Why do Mexicans not control their kids or why do “these people” have to touch all merchandise when they come in my store?” I have explained to her time and time again that there are Mexicans of different levels of education and social strata, yet each time I have visited she seems to ask the same redundant questions or make the same comments.
    Because of my interest in Chinese, I have taken it upon my-self to learn Mandarin on my own and meet Chinese people. The difference in the treatment I have received from Chinese people compared to Korean people could not be sharper. All of the Chinese people I have met have always been more than enthusiastic to teach me something of their language. On a variety of occasions they have invited me to eat and have treated me as a brother or one of their own. I have yet to hear a Chinese person make a disparaging remark about someone of another culture, and the ones I have met seem to be humble in nature. As far as Football (soccer) goes, I completely agree with Chanho. The 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup was a complete front to all of the World Cups there has ever been. Some of the matches could be debated over, but the match vs. Spain was the last straw! As a devoted Futbol fan and not a baseball fan at all, I can say that Korea truly did not deserve its fourth place finish! If KOREA has such great football, how can one explain their terrible finish in this year’s World Cup. It was obvious to everyone except for KOREANS, that the “Red Devils” won some key matches through fraud. How conveinient was it for KOREANS to have Hyundai as an official sponsor! I’m sure some of the “corporate interests” involved during the event had their hand in ensuring that rediculous reffereeing t. I even find it humorous to see how Koreans celebrate football, waving styrofoam arms (as if it were baseball) and only having one redundant chant. What is that? That is queer, or as is said in Spanish, “Eso si que es Putillo!!!” It is so obvious that Koreans have a lot to learn when it comes to the culture of Football! If Koreans where in any important Latin American or European stadium watching an important game take place, I’m afraid they would be scared out of their seat! As far as Korean women being Nabi’s (Maddam Butterfly’s), my Mexican friend and I had an interesting experience when going to Little Tokyo and then Korea Town in LA. While in Little Tokyo, I was in the shopping district looking for magazines that had advertising for call girls, but found nothing. Later, when going to Korea Town it was not hard at all to find copies of “Mono World Plus” everywhere. Last of all; Korean Pop really sucks, forget Shin Hwa and their Lincoln Park sounding shit! I have yet to hear any rock from Korea that sounds descent. At least Japan has Malice Mizer (which has been goth forever) and superstar Gackt who has songs that display musical merit. Hell, even Beijing has some Death Metal bands, but I imagine that effeminite Korean tastes probably veer Korean males away from listening to anything closely resembling Metal! Well, as my Chinese friend Mr. Bai said when asking him what he thinks of “Dae Han Min Guk;” “Da Han Min Guo?”—“DA ZHONG GUO!” P.S: If Kim Jong Il continues insisting on being such a beligerent agitator, it is just a matter of time before Zhong Guo steps in to control a chaotic “Bei Han!” Any Korean wanting to refute my remarks is more than welcome.

  77. I’ve been to close to 40 countries and have never been in a more depressing place than Korea.

  78. While Koreans hating Japan is rather pointless, just as hating anyone is pointless, i feel that the majority of the American population remains relatively ignorant as to why Koreans would still have anti-Japan feelings. Yes, an anti-Japan rap song may be immature, but do you know the extent to what Japan has actually done to Korea and other Asian countries?

    Its easy to make Koreans the ‘bad guys’ here for making a song, but i don’t think a stupid song is comparable attempted genocide. People really need to be educated to the extent of what Japan has done against humanity, instead of complaining about a stupid korean song.

  79. Great songs.fucking jap must be killed!!!!!!!!
    Asia’s future is depending on Great Korea and china.
    mother fucking jap no more needed.

  80. I dont understand why some(or most?) of korean ppl still blame Japanese for the bad things their ancestors did. Do any of them think hating can change any part of history happened in the past?
    Dont you haters know that you brought a big disgrace to your nation and those non-hating Korean ppl?

  81. i’m korean and i have to say, most koreans have a hard time examining themselves. i used to see a confident korean in the mirror…now i look in the mirror and wish i was japanese but i’m disgusted with my big head and big round moon face…but i still think i’m good looking for some reason. every ugly korean i know thinks he or she is good looking. all us koreans do is complain, get mad, be ugly, and make everyone miserable around us. i see clearly how most koreans are, i wish more of you did too.

  82. >Great Korea rules

    hahaha. good luck to ya. if foul-mouthing is all you can do, i really can’t see you getting the share of the glory even if Korea succeeds in the future. lol

    i’m sure you’ll still be a one, little, and miserable person like you are now. lol

    >To those haters

    fortunately, there is a large number of cool korean fellas also, whom i can got along quite well with 🙂

    however, there are idoits and scums out there, like in any country, not just Korea, who tries justify their miserble life by blaiming it on someone else.

    this “inferiority complex” is nothing but a joke, and i think everybody around the world knows that, but those scums, because they got a really shit life or something, they want to make excuses by blaiming the Japanese attacking them during WW2…truly sad, sad people…

  83. fuck the racist koreans.

    all they do is bicker about how japan does this and that. japan doesnt do shit! all of u guys keep whining and whining about shit that japan hasnt done. takeshima is japan’s, read ———http://occidentalism.org——– and get off of your high horse. and its not east sea you whiners, its sea of japan and nothing is ever going to change it.

    inferiority complex is all i see. that + hate education taught in korea. i feel sorry for the innocent kids that are taught to hate japan from day 1 of their pre-school life.

    wtf, korea is like the only country in asia that makes songs like “fucking USA” and “fuck japan”. they even run ultranationalistic, anti-japan movies such as “hanbando” in public. wat a joke.

    fuck the korean government. its a piece of shit that censors anything that might go against “dokdo”claim. it lies and brainwashes its people.

    god, its gotta suck to live in a supressed government.

  84. Korea wants to change the name of Sea of Japan to Sea of Peace.

    Keep in mind Japan had nothing to do with the name “Sea of Japan”

    Korea again with the inferiority complex.


    Isn’t the world fucking sick of these stupid ass Koreans??

  85. One of my favorite bands, Neung Phak, covered “Fucking USA”. I got to see them play it live in San Francisco with Deunge Fever. It was fucking brilliant! I took my Japanese exchange student friend there and she was a bit confused that a bunch of Americans would be stoked to hear this song, played in their own country. Which I think says a lot about this whole thing. I’m not sure if she grasped that the song in that setting was part sacrasm part political statement.

    Anyhow check out Neung Phak’s “Fucking USA” 7inch here:

  86. Long-lived comment thread, this! I thought about calculating the inverse proportion of quality to length, but then I noticed the thread went over the cliff at post #3 anyway. 😉

  87. I think DJ OZMA should’ve sing this song from DJ DOC instead of the other one in KOUHAKU UTAGASSEN!

  88. i believe all countries have made their own mistakes… but i think what’s important is whether these countries still impose their imperialism on others.

    Other than getting more publicity for the rappers, does this rap do anything? It doesn’t solve anything and it only makes things worse. so i reckon stop with the useless stuff and start doing something useful if you really are that passionate about an issue.

  89. Racism of any kind is stupid.

    But if you don’t know why Korea still harbors anti Japanese sentiments then you are just ignorant.

    The racism in these responses is more shocking and offensive than the song originally posted.

    I guess the world is still filled with hate.

  90. lol seoulman!!!

    Why would you wish you were Japanese? Don’t you know that Koreans on average are taller than the Japanese are and Japanese are the one’s with big heads, messed up teeth and short bow-legs!!! Go ahead and hate yourself, fool!

  91. hahaha

    WHY Koreans are so gay? they are fags of worlds. I have beaten korean.
    I also have fucked korean girls anyway.

  92. Fuck Koreans, before Japan invaded, chinks and koreans invaded japan. According to Chinese historical record authenticated by former chinese govt “New History of Yuan”, Chinks and Koreans joined mongolian invasion to Japan, killing and burning and torturing many many Japanese in Iki and Kyushu island, boring holes into the hands of survived Japanese, thru which chinks and koreans passed ropes to hang them from the edge of the ship for a warning. Fuck cruel Koreans. Killers in nature.

  93. You better be careful with your words about Mongolians while I’m around here、Kid.

    FUCK KOREA!!!!

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