Pink is so last five-year plan

More fashion news from the North. Hot on the heels of news that short side and back haircuts are all the rage, we have this from Yahoo News:

SEOUL (Reuters) – Pink, red and yellow are the fashion colours of choice for North Korea’s nouveau-riche who no longer want to be seen in the drab black and white outfits of the proletariat, a South Korean paper reported on Monday.

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Koizumi the maverick

After my previous post on the real political reasons for Prime Minister Junichiro’s visits to the Yasukuni shrine, some readers may be wondering, “is this guy really a maverick?” I think the examples below will show that by Japanese standards, he’s practically James Dean.

First is a translation of a brief article I found on the Sankei website a few weeks ago but never got around to posting until now.

Prime Minister, ‘No Necktie Proclamation’

Prime Minister Junnichiro Koizumi on the 29th at a meeting of the Global Warming Countermeasures Promotion Headquarters in his official residence made a proclamation declaring “No necktie, no jacket. He also called upon to cabinet ministers to join him in incorporating it into environmental problem.

The PM stressed to the press corps that from now on, “If ministers in public offices do not also go necktieless then it will be difficult for their inferiors to do so.” He sought approval saying, “I will also go no-necktie and no-jacket, and I would like everyone to play along. Won’t it be better for everyone?”

Regarding the no-necktie, no-jacket style, Environmental Minister Yuriko Oike said “If this concerns you so much, why don’t we just have a fashion show?” It seems that this summer the fashion sense of the Prime Minster and the cabinet will be coming into question.

From Kyodo news, March 29.

Japan Today’s always entertaining Pop-vox feature has some ‘man on the street’ opinions on this issue.

Next, here is a genuinely amazing picture of Koizumi, courtesy of the Shanghai Star. Can you name another politican who would dress up as Willy Wonka to teach children about bicycle safety?

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro
Koizumi, wearing a suit with woven-in reflective material, rides
a bicycle in front of Japanese schoolchildren at a government-sponsored traffic safety campaign
event at a Tokyo elementary school on April 9. Koizumi visited
the school to talk to children about the importance of traffic

Curzon at Coming Anarchy also found this picture of Koizumi establishing relations with Indonesia from the ground-up.

koizumi hula

Next, courtesy of Masa, we have a scan of the Shukan Gendai magazine’s ‘scoop’ photos of “The woman that Koizumi loved!”

Koizumi's geisha

Masa can of course explain the situation far better than I ever could.

Not only Clinton, but also Japanese prime minister, Koizumi also like to fuck. It’s absolutely true. following picture is Koizumi’s foremaer fcuking Geisha girl friend picture I took on the street and picked up by “Shukan Gendai” that is Japanese leading serious weekly magazine.
this geisha girl was really fucked by Prime minister Koizumi repeatedlly.

Finally, we have a very special message from Koizumi, direct to you. Ladies, try not to swoon.

Wear a kimono and ride for free in Kyoto

From the Japan Times:

KYOTO (Kyodo) Kyoto will offer free subway and bus rides for anybody wearing a kimono over an 11-day period beginning Friday to promote the traditional attire and the local textile industry, city officials said.

Free admission to some tourist attractions, including Nijo Castle, Kyoto Tower and some museums, will also be available for kimono wearers during the period, and a kimono fashion show and kimono flea market are planned.

Free tickets for the transportation and tourist facilities will be available in subway stations, buses, hotels and elsewhere in the ancient capital.

Rental kimono will be made available if people make advance reservations.

For people who need to have their kimono readjusted, they can stop by 10 locations in the city, mainly at kimono shops and in the kimono sections of department stores.

For more information, call the Kyoto Municipal Government’s Traditional Industry Department at (075) 222-3337.

The Japan Times: March 8, 2005
(C) All rights reserved

Nike rips off ideas from Shibuya Fashion

It’s something that I’ve known for years, having criss-crossed to and from Japan every year or so: first knee-high boots are popular in Japan, then they’re popular here. First thick turtlenecks are popular in Japan, then they’re popular here. About 10 years ago Japan was infamous for its extreme reality shows (MXC, anyone?). Now it’s Britain and America. American pop culture has been secretly ripping off Japan for quite some time. I was happy to finally see something about it here:

Nike keeping secret eye on Shibuya

Nonfiction writer Hideki Kiriyama reveals that Nike Inc, the world’s largest sports and fitness company, is secretly keeping a close eye on Tokyo’s Shibuya district, a favorite hangout of the capital’s youth.

Writingin this month’s issue of Voice, Kiriyama says that Nike always bases its product design on insight that enables it to connect with consumers. The casual product sensibility and taste for bright colors seen in the street fashion that fills the cities of modern Japan, he says, are known as “J sense” and have attracted not only American designers but also young people and children in Asia.

Kiriyama asserts that Japanese “cool,” which involves improving Western designs and colors in a Japanese style, such as by adding transparency or sheen to cosmetic products, is unmistakably beginning to win the hearts of people all over the world.

He laments that in contrast to Nike, which takes inspiration for its designs from Shibuya, the heart of Japanese youth culture, Japan itself has failed to recognize the global value of this culture and can only focus on the decadent aspects of the changes instigated by young people.

He stresses that if rejection is Japan’s only reaction to its youth culture, the country will not be able to recognize the new value created by the new generation. (Foreign Press Center)

He certainly has a point. While ultra-cool Japanese kids have been supplying rich clothing companies with ideas, they have been getting nothing but crap from the press and public opinion.