Wear a kimono and ride for free in Kyoto

From the Japan Times:

KYOTO (Kyodo) Kyoto will offer free subway and bus rides for anybody wearing a kimono over an 11-day period beginning Friday to promote the traditional attire and the local textile industry, city officials said.

Free admission to some tourist attractions, including Nijo Castle, Kyoto Tower and some museums, will also be available for kimono wearers during the period, and a kimono fashion show and kimono flea market are planned.

Free tickets for the transportation and tourist facilities will be available in subway stations, buses, hotels and elsewhere in the ancient capital.

Rental kimono will be made available if people make advance reservations.

For people who need to have their kimono readjusted, they can stop by 10 locations in the city, mainly at kimono shops and in the kimono sections of department stores.

For more information, call the Kyoto Municipal Government’s Traditional Industry Department at (075) 222-3337.

The Japan Times: March 8, 2005
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  1. They ripped this off of “MK Taxi”:http://www.mk-group.co.jp who gives special discounts for people wearing traditional clothing. I will let you know if I see a change this weekend, I have a feeling I won’t since it is still pretty cold and there isn’t the same motivation as say _Seijinshiki_.

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