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  1. Hello, I just had a couple of questions since you are a fellow American who studied in Japan. I’m currently doing my MBA in Japan in kyoto. I was wondering how your degree was received in America when you got back ? I’m actually from Brooklyn, New York by the way. I think in the vid you said you’re from new jersey. I found your info on you tube, then found this site.

    I do know of 2 other westerners, who completed the same program (probably in 2011) I’m doing and are both currently working in America. (One from Canada who is working at Deloitte and the other guy is now an executive at Alabama for their international program).

    Anyways, just wondering about your experience.


  2. Hi Slates,

    Thanks for asking. Writing about the whole process of my grad studies in Japan, including after coming back, is high on the list of things I’d been meaning to do on the blog before I let it fall by the wayside. Hopefully I’ll still get to it eventually!

    BTW, my family is from Brooklyn, I grew up in Jersey, and I live in Brooklyn currently.

    To be brief, I found that not many Americans who aren’t Asia experts are familiar enough with universities there to have an idea of Kyodai’s reputation, but Asians and people who work with Asia tend to be suitably impressed. Japanese people always are.

    I think it’s been more impressive in terms of jobs than it has for non-Asia related academics, which is one reason that I never got around to continuing on with grad school and doing a history PhD in the US, as I’d considered. I don’t know a damn thing about MBA programs or what people think about them, but I’m sure it’ll still be pretty useful.

    Feel free to ask if you have any more specific questions.

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