Foreign Tourists to Japan Love Love Love Japanese Food

Just a quick post of some fun data I came across.

In the tourism agency’s 2014 survey of foreign tourists (see Annex 9 in this spreadsheet), there is a clear pattern that emerges:


So to recap, eating Japanese food is the thing that foreign tourists most wanted to do before they arrive, it was their best purchase during the trip, AND it’s what they found most satisfying about their stay!

To be sure, as a Tokyo resident it didn’t surprise me to see that foreign tourists like Japanese food, but it was a bit surprising to see it’s their favorite thing about the country.

As you will see in the data, there is some variation between countries. For example, South Korea found going to Japanese hot springs to be the thing that they most wanted to do again if they came back, and mainland Chinese are more interested in shopping than food before they arrive. But overall the numbers speak for themselves.

5 thoughts on “Foreign Tourists to Japan Love Love Love Japanese Food”

  1. At first I thought you had gone teetotal and were trying to censor the bits involving alcohol consumption, but then I figured out those things were underlines.

    (Reposting this to see if it goes through this time.)

  2. I wrote the post on my phone so it was hard to properly mark the images using LINE Camera. I will try drawing a rectangle next time maybe

  3. Food, beer, and secondhand books – that’s all I’ve planning for my first Tokyo trip. Everything else is a bonus.

  4. If you look at the “Most satisfying food” section, at least for the July to September 2015 results, it comes up Meat, Ramen, Sushi, in that order, which pretty much describes my breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

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