Ten things you may not have known about Japan’s newest and, um, peachiest airline

  1. Its name is Peach. Seriously.
  2. It is a joint venture between All Nippon Airways and First Eastern Investment Group, a Hong Kong private equity firm.
  3. Its livery designers apparently got their inspiration from the Barbie Jet.
  4. “Peach” allegedly stands for Pan-Asian, Energetic, Affordable, Cute & Cool and Happy.
  5. As many native English speakers instantly noticed, “Peach” is an anagram for “cheap.”
  6. Peach claims to be Japan’s first low-cost carrier. Obviously, this is a blatant lie since Skymark and Air Do both preceded them and are both still flying.
  7. They will be based at Kansai Airport in Osaka, where only the cheap survive.
  8. Peach’s corporate parent, A&F Aviation, was recruiting operations personnel on LinkedIn’s job board a few months ago and didn’t seem to care that much about language ability. Their staff roster must look pretty interesting by now.
  9. Peach is not the first fruit-themed airline. There is an airline in South Africa called Mango, and the US has both Berry and Lime. That said, Peach is probably the fruitiest of them all.
  10. Peach is so cheap that they didn’t even have chairs at their first presser.

As an aviation geek, I am morbidly fascinated…

5 thoughts on “Ten things you may not have known about Japan’s newest and, um, peachiest airline”

  1. Call it whatever you want, if the prices are reasonable enough and they aren’t cutting corners on safety, I’ll fly with them

  2. That’s true, Curzon. StarFlyer had international ambitions when it started up, but I guess they decided that Kitakyushu didn’t have enough demand for that.

  3. Let me guess, their job ads for uniformed staff (if any) say “Must look good in pastels.”?

  4. I hear Airdo has a special debit card you can use to earn bonus miles… it’s called the Airdo Debito.

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