Temporary blog hiatus

Last Friday I had a clumsy bicycle accident and smashed my right arm into the curb, breaking it just below the shoulder. It is, of course, pretty painful and very inconvenient – especially since I am flying home to New Jersey on Thursday! (Not “fleeing” anything, just that I graduated from my MA at Kyoto University last week and this has been my plan.) I can obviously still type using just my left hand, but it is still pretty tough so I will probably not be posting for a few weeks while my arm heals.

I’m sorry I have to stop now, just as so many new readers are coming in for our disaster related blogging, but the others will continue to post and I should be back in a month ago to discuss both related and unrelated topics.

7 thoughts on “Temporary blog hiatus”

  1. Sorry i missed your going away party and even more than you have to fly with a broken bone. It sucks. You should totally ticky the box for “special services” and get them to drive you around in golf carts and stuff!
    Have a safe flight and i hope we can meet again someday soon!

  2. Then you are not in Japan ? …..I think you should write this somewhere at the top of your page….. I still see links to your site around and they suggest – you are here and well informed.

  3. Beta: Curzon is also not in Japan and has not been for some time. But Adamu and I will continue to be here for the foreseeable future.

  4. So Roy has been out of Japan for like two days and has thus lost any right or ability to say anything about the place?

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