24 thoughts on “Shake boobs, not the earth”

  1. Does she really? So does my Dad — feel free to delete the post if you think this inapproriate. I thought the “NWS” warning was enough.

  2. From Google Translate:

    “Russian to English translation
    Let our boobs are shaking only
    The women’s movement FEMEN carried out an action-support of the Japanese people “Praise, which won the dragon. ”
    FEMEN movement expresses its sincere admiration for the heroism of the Japanese people, who managed to withstand an unprecedented orgy of disaster. Cohesion of the people, samurai self-control, coordination of actions in an emergency situation the Japanese – an example for us all. Japan has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to rise from the ashes, we believe that at this time, Dragon depart earlier than the cherry blossoms.”

  3. you guys- they are famous Ukrainian feminists, protesting/performing in Kyev…

  4. From a native speaker, the sign on the picture reads “Praise for those who vanquished the dragon”. The English pun doesn’t work in Russian hence the alternative version.

  5. Guys, the whole post opens up in Google Reader’s stream, with the picture and everything. So your NSFW warning does nothing. As a native speaker I don’t get the dragon pun in Russian. Even after reading the whole original post on LiveJournal, I (and many of those who commented there) don’t get the point of that whole performance. Rather tasteless, in my opinion.

  6. Love NSFW posts! A smattering of applause from the back rows. (A smattering, mind you!)

  7. lol, got the link from 2ch. Very funny thread that was.

    This kind of things make me want to learn some russian… then I think it through and decide there´s something wrong about the whole thing.

  8. I was gonna tell Serge to lighten up and enjoy how hot the girls are.
    But native Russians maybe are used to this level Orz
    lucky bastards

  9. Fat Tony, with puns like that you might have a future in writing headlines for British tabloids.

  10. ATTANTION!!!

    Hey!!! They are not Russians!
    If author couldn’t separate Ukrane and Kiev from Russia and Moskow, so this is just shows that author don’t know what to post here.

  11. Yes, that photo is clearly Kiev and not Moscow – any idiot can tell that from the style of paving stones used, the MRT600-S series used in the Ukraine from March 2002 to July 2004. And the rubbish bins are also a slightly paler shade of beige to Moscow ones. You are so right – it was obvious.

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