Some of you may know that I run regular fundraiser for Polaris Project, Japan’s only NGO devoted solely to fighting human trafficking. I’m running my BIGGEST ONE EVER tomorrow in Harajuku and there are still SEATS AVAILABLE.

The event will feature the Edo Daikagura Troupe, masters of daikagura, a performance/juggling art that dates back to the Heian Period. Needless to say, these guys are very very good and their act is incredible! For more detail, check out the Metropolis Magazine feature I wrote on it some weeks ago.

We also got coverage in the JAPAN TIMES today!

I’m posting the flier beneath the break. If any readers are interested in coming (and meeting me and other MF ppl) please RSVP to the e-mail address near the bottom.

2 thoughts on “DAIKAGURA”

  1. Saw this posted at my school in Minato Mirai. Looks great – wish I could go, but if I didn’t have previous plans I’d be there. It’s especially neat to see an MT author connected to it. I’d like to meet you at another event though – look forward to your next affiliated gig.

  2. I would totally go if I could, but it’s a bit far from Kyoto… No idea about Joe or Adam though.

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