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After upgrading to WordPress 3.0 the other day the recent comments display in the sidebar stopped working. Unfortunately, the highly customizable plugin I was using before seems to be abandoned and will probably not be updated for the new version of WordPress, but I did find a code snippet that will hold us over until I can get around to a more substantial solution.

I’ve been meaning to switch to a new theme for a long time, but I think instead of being ambitious I’m just going to switch to the new WordPress 3.0 default theme, with colors and header images changed to reflect the classic look. While it would still be nice to have a really stylish and uniquely designed theme at some point, it’s a higher priority to switch to some modern code that just works properly. As long as it’s mutantfrog yellow, that is.

5 thoughts on “Recent comments sort of back”

  1. I’m happy to see that the latest update has finally fixed the “footer shifted 500 pixels to the right” issue that I’ve seen on this site for years.

  2. Actually I’m seeing that error right now on the main page, which is odd because I didn’t see it before on Firefox, which is my main browser. Anyway, with WordPress 3.0 out I’ll switch to their new default theme rather soon (maybe even this weekend), which is designed to accommodate a whole lot of features I can’t use on this theme (which dates back to WordPress v.1).

  3. Is all this upgrading the reason we never got an update on the union extasy fight at Kyoto U?

  4. Oh man, that totally slipped my mind, you’re right! They’re still going, over a year later. I’ll put that update on my to-do list…

  5. As someone interested in labour issues and limited-term contracts, especially related to universities in Japan, I’d like to read your take on it.

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