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With fastly approaching deadlines I have been blogging very little recently, but I have been posting a lot of random links and very short thoughts to my Twitter account (as a former English major, I am, like the New York Times, too proud to use the word verb “tweet” in public). I’ve noticed though that the discussions here tend to be so good that long and in depth ones often develop out of little more than a link, so I am curious, do you – the readers and commenters – think that I (perhaps we) should shed my (our) bias against very short, content-lite blog posts, and put more short posts in this space rather than silly Twitter, on the off chance that it can get some valuable discussion threads going?

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  1. I like how the blog China Hearsay does it. The blog automatically posts a list of the author’s tweets each 24 hours, assuming there have been tweets within that time. Tyler Cowen does something kind of similar on another favorite blog of mine, Marginal Revolution, except he basically has a manual post each day called “assorted links,” each link having some very short comment around it.

  2. Yeah, who needs to compose thoughts anymore? And why alienate the “tl;dr” crowd?

    Emphatic ‘no’ from me.

  3. I’m not going to subscribe to a Twitter feed but I’d like to see your links so post ’em here!

  4. Why not do that anti-Mac post that has been brewing across Roy, Adamu, and Curzon’s social media for months now?

  5. as a former English major, I am, like the New York Times, too proud to use the word verb “tweet” in public

    That’s why I love the Japanese term for it — tsubuyaku, “to murmur, to mumble”.

    “What are you doing on your phone?” “Oh, just mumbling.”

  6. That dear friends, is what we call a zankou hadouken. Extra nerd points for whoever identifies it’s first appearance.

  7. Render unto MFT what belongs to MFT and to Twitter what belongs to Twitter.

    Long is good for here, is my point of view. I like the well developed points of view and analysis that I can find on both posts & comments on this blog, but then again, I’m just a visitor & only occasional commentator.

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