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Recently I’ve been doing most of my online contributing via Google Buzz and Twitter these days. I will be sure to weigh in here when something comes up, but until then you can follow me at these links:

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One thing I’ve been focused on tonight is this documentary “Hip Hop – Beyond Beats and Rhymes.” Watch here:

2 thoughts on “Google Buzz and Twitter”

  1. I worked in the rap music business for 15 years, took groups on tour, was a label exec., a record producer, did the whole thing from top to bottom. I agree that the genre (in its current form) is something that can actually damage one’s mind, and I too needed at least a couple of years to regain my sense of intellect and inner peace after leaving the business.

    All that said, the would-be enlightened reasoning/philosophy presented video is incredibly simplistic and sources people (I’m speaking of the non-rappers who are presented as ‘scholars’) who are mostly speaking in worn out anecdotes and catch phrases. Hip hop (in its current form) does need to be criticized and deconstructed, but that job is for someone with the brain power and due diligence to do the job properly. While well-intentioned, this is a lazy piece of work.

  2. Too bad you’ve joined the masses of brainless “this is my breakfast” posters.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your pieces and opinions.
    It’s just not possible to write a decent piece of opinion or well founded and sourced articles in a few lines like twitter offers.

    I do hope you’ll eventually spend more time writing here then on the brainless cloud.

    Cheers 🙂

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