14 thoughts on “Scratch not lest ye be scratched”

  1. So I am to take it that the Maneki Neko in the AFLAC commercials was really supposed to be God instead? The duck hooking up with God is much better insurance than with some cat.

  2. Remember, DOG is GOD backwards, so the opposite of DOG is CAT, thus dogs are the spawn of Satan.

    Remember, Dog serves Man, Man serves Cat….

  3. Great!
    BTW, there was also one of those signs located in “my small village” (Yoriiso, about 100 households) where i did fieldwork. I was wondering because there were absolutely no christian hoeseholds in Yoriiso. So i asked the major domus at the harbour where the sign was located and he told me that an American Baptist church is paying about ¥400000/p.a. for those signs. These churches are much too rich, i think.

  4. My favorite Bible verse (Heb. 11:1) in LOLcat:

    “Fayth be liek hopeen fr sumthn evn tho we is can not seez it (evn tho we be so gud we seez in teh dark).”

    That’s kind of amusing, really.

  5. Woah. One of my favourite Biblical quotes goes to this:
    “Srsly moar wizdum iz FTL, k. Moar smartz, moar greefz.” (Ecclesiastes 1: 18)

    FTL? Faster-Than-Light?

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