4 thoughts on “Munchkins in their 90s”

  1. Wow, that featured the most outrageous earlobes I’ve ever seen. An nice light-hearted follow-up to the rather grim previous article!

  2. Thanks for posting that Adamu! I actually had the luck to meet one of them at the San Diego Comic-Con 3 years ago.

    I met the gentleman from the Lollipop Guild and a woman who I believe was his wife, another dwarf (LP?). Both were extremely polite and friendly to me – I actually had more fun with them than any of the other “stars” that I’ve met at conventions, though Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade were also very friendly.

    I don’t think it was very nice of Newsweek to show the actor on the far left napping though 😛

  3. For some reason I find this almost as poignant as the “last soldier to storm the beach as Gallipoli dies” sort of stories you usually see about veterans. Oz was an amazing movie.

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