Cooperative Dragonfly [Photos]

Just to break things up between the two very intense posts on the intricacies of international divorce proceedings and an even more grim post that I’m in the middle of, here are some neat photos of a dragonfly I took the other week when I was in Tokyo. Dragonflies are gorgeous little creatures, and I’d never gotten a very good shot of a living one before, but this one was perched on a wire fence at arm’s length, and just flew back and forth between two nearby spots, instead of escaping completely. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from street photography and work with a cooperative model.

September 26, 2009. Canon 50D w/ 50mm 1.8F lens.

Tokyo, Japan. (3 photos above.)

By contrast, last month I got the following shot of a deceased dragonfly laid out nicely on the sidewalk in my home town. Definitely a very attractive specimen, but also very much lacking in vitality.

August 31, 2009. Canon 50D w/ 17-85 EF-S lens.

Montclair, New Jersey. USA.

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