Open House New York

Next weekend, October 10 and 11, New York City will have its 7th annual Open House weekend, in which hundreds of normally closed-off sites, both public and privately owned, will be open to the masses for tours. I absolutely love this concept, and wish both that it existed in other cities, but even more that I had heard of it while I was home during that weekend in past years!

New York Times has an article on the event.

Official website, with details and schedules, is here.

I hope that every single reader in the NYC area takes advantage of this special opportunity, and if any of you do so, please drop a comment to say what you managed to visit.

9 thoughts on “Open House New York”

  1. Yeah EVERY single reader in New York,
    that’ll be about, what, two at best ?

  2. Curzon and I are both from New Jersey, Adam is from CT, and Joe studied in Philly. So even among our friends and such from the US there’s many dozens of people in/near NYC.

  3. I used to live in Manhattan but am now based in Tokyo
    so I suppose that doesn’t really count

  4. New York based reader, might well not be going to any Open House events. Weather forecast for Saturday is for rain.

    May just pass on any of the events that require reservations and see if the weather cooperates for the more open stuff.

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