Be the foreign media

Since we’ve been ragging on foreign reporters so much recently, here’s a want ad which may be of interest to those of you who think they can do better.

Reporters for English-language newswire (Tokyo-Japan)
Date: 2009-07-15, 12:05PM JT

A well-known news agency’s Tokyo branch is looking for reporters to write for the English language wire service.

Job description:
The position involves reporting and editing major political, economic, science, corporate news items in Japan. It also involves writing in-depth report or news analysis on some topics given by editors.

Fluent in Japanese and native-level in English. Experience in journalism will be a significant advantage. A broad knowledge about Japan’s politics or economy is preferred.
Office hour is not needed. Pay will be based on workload and there is no base salary.

Direct contact to is ok.

Raymond Burr, where are you?

8 thoughts on “Be the foreign media”

  1. Part time press job advertised on Craigslist? Is this what Japanese coverage is coming to?

  2. Yeah, that Gmail address looks like the sort of thing I delete from the subscriber list on my WordPress installation. It would be awesome if this “well-known news agency” turned out to be the KCNA or something, though.

  3. I watched 30 minutes of coverage on Noriko this morning on Fuji TV. Absolutely ridiculous. Give the girl some space!

  4. Just saw this on NTV –

    There is a typhoon in Taipei and they showed one of those dramatic shots where a reporter tries to talk with the wind howling around him… but he was talking about how the Sakai Noriko case is being reported in Taiwan.

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