Mizuhiki twine art

Mizuhiki is a Japanese craft that uses twine made from washi (Japanese-style paper) to create fancy bows and other designs. You could call it a rough analogue of American pipe-cleaner art. Anyone familiar with Japanese culture has probably seen it decorating gift packages or envelopes used for cash gifts given at weddings:


Foreigners who rave about Japanese gift-wrapping techniques often have this stuff in mind.

More than 70% of Japan’s mizuhiki output comes from Iida, a city in Nagano prefecture. The city is home to a mizuhiki museum, where you can find some more creative renditions of the art form:


A turtle and a crane, made as a gift to Crown Princess Masako Owada.


A twine wedding dress.


A dragon (If I am not mistaken, even the smoke is made of twine).

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  1. My mother, who passed away last week leaving 45 pieces of Mizuhiki that she learned how to create when she lived in Japan for 15 yers. Is there an “english translation book I can get.
    Please let me know. I have supplies and tools but no instruction book in english.
    Please reply via my e-mail and thank you so very much.

  2. I’m particularly interested in the gift wrapping techniques, and would like to obtain the instructions.

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