Adam Richardses: A competitive angler and a fictional homeless man

Today’s installment of Adam Richardses of the World is a mixed bag:

  • First, let’s all congratulate Adam Richards of Billingham, England for catching 17.54 kg of unnamed fishat Fish O Mania XVI, a competition held at the scenic Cudmore Fishery in Whitmore. You didn’t win, but you get an “A” for Adam Richards.
  • At this painfully unfunny news parody site, a fictional Adam Richards is described as “a homeless man” who witnessed Pamela Anderson yelling at her own breasts as she was jogging. I guess that’s supposed to be a joke.

Malibu, California – As the Southern California sun slowly rises and there is still a faint mist visible in the air, the shapely silhouette of Pamela Anderson can be seen jogging along the shoreline of Malibu beach.

“I haven’t seen her train like that since the 1990s,” said an old local fisherman as he cast his line into the crashing ocean waves of the Pacific in the early morning hours. “It’s not like she ever had to mind you. I mean she always kept fit and that body of hers tight.”

Only it is not her glorious body that Pamela Anderson is training on her early morning jaunts. Rather it is her breasts.

“She talks to them too,” said the old fisherman, removing a corncob pipe from his white bearded face. “And you know what? They answer her back.”

“Here in L.A., you see that kind of stuff all the time,” said Adam Richards, a homeless man (a comedy writer in Hollywood). “So I really didn’t think much of it until she started falling down and yelling at her breasts. But she could have been talking on a cell phone. She was too far away to tell for sure.”

Suddenly, the homeless man made the sound of a cell phone ringing out from the side of his mouth.

“Hold on a minute,” said the homeless man as he bends down, taking off his shoe and holds it up to his ear. “I got to take this call; it’s from my agent.”