Campaigning season is a go in Kyoto : Happy science party posters

I was biking home earlier and passed by two guys from the Happiness Realization Party (幸福実現党), the political front for the new-agey religion (cult?) goofily known as Happy Science (幸福の科学), and snapped a few photos of them putting up posters.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice until after or I would have gotten him to pose, but the man you see here putting up the poster is actually the candidate pictured at top, Karube Yoshiteru, the party’s assistant director for Kyoto Prefecture. I will say, whatever their politics are they were at least very open to being photographed, although when you’re a brand new and obscure party you probably are willing to take any scraps of publicity you can get.

4 thoughts on “Campaigning season is a go in Kyoto : Happy science party posters”

  1. They are right now (August 5th) circulating around my neighbourhood in a sound truck assuring us they will “fix the economy and prevent the North Korean missles.” Not a word on how either will be done of course. Meditation and prayer perhaps.

  2. No, no, they realized happiness for Roy by letting him photograph them. Come to think of it, is the Happiness Realization Party about realizing happiness for others, or for themselves? Presumably, the latter….

  3. I hear ’em here. I wonder why they aren’t loudly broadcasting that 50,000,000 gaijin thing?

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