How to void a new lease on life

From Young Jeezy‘s Wikipedia entry:
In the early hours of September 29, 2007, Young Jeezy totaled his Lamborghini when it was hit by a taxi crossing Peachtree Street, outside of Justin’s, Sean Combs’ restaurant in Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported his claim that this gave him “a new appreciation for life”.  In Atlanta on June 18, 2008, police arrested him for DUI.

That might sound ridiculous, but at least Jeezy is a pretty good rapper. My personal favorite is “Soul Survivor” (no embedding, sadly) in which he talks about how the police unfairly target him… for being a cocaine dealer. This is a running theme in his work.

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  1. I was not expecting Jeezy to show up here. My favorite line of his from RECESSION was when he refers to killing a rival as “Getting my news on.”

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