Worst. Luck. Ever.

Japanese woman found dead in New Mexico

LOS ANGELES, June 11 (AP) – (Kyodo)—The body of a Japanese woman has been found in New Mexico, local police said Thursday.

Megumi Yamamoto, 26, a graduate physics student at a university in New Mexico, got lost while hiking in a mountainous area near Santa Fe and was rescued by a police helicopter after contacting the local police via mobile phone Tuesday evening.

But the chopper crashed after hitting a mountain during a storm.

5 thoughts on “Worst. Luck. Ever.”

  1. Doh! My worst luck ever:
    Last night I was putting the finishing touches on a kickass post about the Japanese lottery, but when I hit send on WordPress it inexplicably made me sign back in and when it did, it erased all the work I had done during that session!!!!

    So on balance I am pretty lucky

  2. Yeah, it’s done that to me. It happens if your 2 week expiration login cookie expires, and the only way around it is to notice that it hasn’t been saving drafts as you type.

  3. Worst luck ever – the dozen or so people who were hit by both atomic bombings.

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