Article on Mahjong Babe (Shameless Plug)


Hello everyone, Benjamin here.  I’m Roy’s old friend from summer camp who researches gambling in Japan.   I haven’t been posting much but once the program I’m in ends next week I hope to start contributing.

I’m putting up a quick post now because I’m on the cover of Metropolis, Japan’s largest English magazine.  Or rather, the article I wrote about mahjong is, but that’s still pretty neat, right?  If you live in the Tokyo area, you can pick up Metropolis whereever there are large quanitities of gaijin.  If you don’t live in Tokyo, here’s an online version.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to (shamelessly) plug a few lectures I’ll be giving in the Tokyo area this month.

Mahjong and the Law (Japanese)

June 3rd 4:45pm

Queen’s Square Yokohama, Queen’s Mall 3F Minato Mirai Gallery Presentation Room

(accessible from Minatomirai and Sakuragicho stations)

Free, open to the public

The Tiles that Bind:  How Mahjong became the most popular table game in Japan

June 7 2pm-4pm

Marchao Mahjong Parlor, West Exit, Shinjuku

1500 yen, includes use of the parlor until 10pm.  This is a great way to start playing!

RSVP to benkun [at] gmail [dot] com, attendance limited

If you’re interested in any further info, contact me at the address above.

8 thoughts on “Article on Mahjong Babe (Shameless Plug)”

  1. “Mahjong and the Law?” If you can come up with some rational relation to corporate finance, I can perhaps play hooky from work to come see this…

  2. Many major Japanese corporations used to pay their employees to play. The money came from the entertainment budget. One guy I interviewed who works for a major train corporation said he’d never have been able to build any new lines if not for all the _settai_ games he played with government regulators. Oh, and the Zaimushou is full of Mahjong addicts, apparently.

  3. My father-in-law has never bothered to teach me how to play but since it gets him out of the house I don’t really mind.

    I liked your article Benjamin, hopefully you can write another version and get it into a publication that pays a bit better than Metropolis and Mutant Frog. It strikes me as something that would sell.

  4. Nice article Benjamin! I actually picked up Metropolis to read it. Welcome to the club of people who have written cover stories for Metropolis, for whatever that may be worth!

  5. Ken and Treble–

    Thanks for the kind words! That article was my first feature-length piece I’ve ever written for a popular audience, so its really nice to hear that you liked it. To be honest, I don’t know much getting these sorts of things published. Maybe when I get some more posts up on MFT you can give me some pointers.

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