Cyclist Adam Richards tries to keep his pants clean

It has been a while since I highlighted an Adam Richards of the world, but I couldn’t ignore this fashion triumph. An Adam Richards in Montana has apparently joined a campus trend of rolling up one pant leg to protect against bicycle chains:

Adam Richards, a communications studies graduate student, said that although he sports the bike leg when it’s warm, he uses a rafting strap to cinch his pants to prevent wind from drafting up his leg during the cold months.

“It works fine,” Richards said, adding that the cold may be too much with rolled up pant legs.

“Maybe I’m just a wuss,” he said.

Even with this alternate approach to keeping pant legs intact, Richard still admits that sometimes the strap isn’t enough.

“I’ve ruined a couple pairs of pants,” he said.

Two things:

  1. This article features something I have had to deal with all my life – people thinking my name is “Richard” instead of “Richards.” Either they think my first name is Richard, or they forget my last name ends in “s.” This is something I am sure all Adam Richardses of the world can agree on.
  2. I sometimes see people in Tokyo with the “bike leg”, but it’s generally unnecessary since most bikes here come with metal guards over the chains.

4 thoughts on “Cyclist Adam Richards tries to keep his pants clean”

  1. I’m going to ruin my treasured online anonymity with this comment, but I prefer the “sock tuck” over the raft strap or pants roll. If you see such a soul peddaling through Tokyo, high chances are that it’s me.

  2. I think the real problem here is the number of “Adam Richards” people out there who leave the “u” off of the first name.

  3. Keep in mind that the bikes with metal guards on them are mostly the piece of crap “mama chari” that most people use for some reason. Good quality bikes often have an exposed chain, which requires a strap or sock tuck. (I’m also more of a sock tuck man myself, but it can stretch out the sock elastic prematurely so I’ve been considering getting some kind of dorky strap.)

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