Another reason to visit Pyongyang

Authentic Nork pizza.

In the late 1990s Kim brought a team of Italian pizza chefs to North Korea to instruct his army officers how to make pizza, a luxury which is now being offered to a tiny elite able to afford such luxuries in a country that cannot feed many of its 24 million inhabitants.

Despite the food shortages high-quality Italian wheat, flour, butter and cheese are being imported to ensure the perfect pizza is created every time.

“Our people should be also allowed to enjoy the world-famous food,” the manager of the Pyongyang eatery quoted Kim as saying, according to the Tokyo-based Choson Sinbo newspaper.

(Hat tip to Marginal Revolution)

3 thoughts on “Another reason to visit Pyongyang”

  1. I had this authentic “New York”pizza in Ulaanbaatar,in a joint run by a South Korean
    owner.I discovered kimchi inside…..

  2. “Kim brought a team of Italian pizza chefs”

    The question I have is “How did he ‘bring’ these chefs to North Korea?”

    Or perhaps it was an old school invitation, meaning he grabbed these schlimazls off the beaches of Sicily…

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