It’s all about the Benjamin

There are times when I want to just quit my job, lock myself in an Internet-connected bomb shelter, and spend all my waking hours reading updates from the troubled mind of Benjamin Fulford:

The exposure of Satan worshippers accelerates as the Federal Reserve Board heads for collapse.

The confessions of child sacrifice and cannibalism by a Satan worshipper on prime time US television is a sure sign Satan worship is coming to an end:

This confession confirms other sporadic confessions and a few rare historical court cases describing human sacrifice among Satan worshippers pretending to be Jews or Christians. As the Federal Reserve Board heads for collapse many more of the Satan worshippers who are often found amongst the super rich are sure to be exposed.

An aristocratic Satan worshipper contacted me to say that “Satan has gone to heaven,” and ask “what are we to do now?” My answer is they should abandon the Western concept of an eternal clash between Good and Evil and replace with the Asian concept of Yin and Yang or harmonious opposites. They can then also start worshipping life instead of fooling themselves about some sort of war between Satan and God.

We are likely to see many more horrendous confessions over the coming months and years. In order to have a fresh start for the planet I think we need to forgive those who confess.

This guy David Icke, a promoter of the idea that “reptile people” are in secret control of the world order, called Benjamin Fulford a “disinformation artist” because Fulford says he needs proof before he’ll believe the Illuminati are actually reptilian Here Icke feverishly denying that money really exists:

More Benjamin…

About the Bush-China connection

The Skull and Bones drug dealing syndicate was a major player in the opium trade so they have been dealing with Chinese mobsters for over 150 years. However, while the two sides did business, they were also enemies who did not fully trust each other. The Bush family were heavily involved with China and the Chinese mob. They were also blackmailing top Chinese power brokers over illegal slush funds they had. Papa Bush’s brother Jonathan Bush lived in Beijing and had high level contacts. However, the Bush, China connection has since been severed because the Chinese figured out it was the Bush faction that was trying to depopulate China with Sars and Bird Flu etc. The Chinese were planning all-out warfare against the US because the US elite were planning to kill 80% of the world’s population. That plan has been stopped and there are now negotiations on to build a win-win permanent world peace.

On the DPJ Ozawa scandal:

Japan’s prosecutors ordered by US to trump up charges against opposition leader Ozawa’s secretary

The US criminal regime ordered the current Japanese puppet/slave colonial government to trump up charges against the secretary of opposition Democratic Party of Japan’s leader Ichiro Ozawa, according to senior sources in the Japanese secret government. The reason was that Ozawa said “the only US forces we need here are the 7th fleet.”

As the US secret government comes to an end it is using every dirty trick in its book both in Japan and the US in a desperate but doomed effort to stay in power. No matter what they do they will not be able to con the Japanese people like they did during the last lower house election that was held on September 11 4 years ago. For one thing they no longer have any money so they will not be able to bribe the TV stations to run their propaganda. Furthermore, if members of the current slave regime continue to betray their people with dirty tricks like this they will surely end up in jail.

The Japanese Democratic Party promises to renegotiate the US/Japan security treaty once they come into power. If the US carries out any more dirty tricks it will hurt them in the negotiations. The Japanese opposition would like to retain a US presence as a counter-balance to China but they might change their mind if the US continues to abuse this country.

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  1. I’ve actually seen the last argument made by less wacky characters, but I think it makes the elementary mistake of confusing correlation (or coincidence) for causation.

    Any person making this argument has to explain why the U.S. cares so much about Japanese domestic politics as to want to destroy Ozawa. The cold war is over. At this point I’m sure the Washington would be happy with any Japanese leader able to survive more than a year in power and actually show some ability to get things done.

  2. Icke is right if he is talking about fiat money, in a way. That is merely worth something as the government declares it so – the physical money itself does not exist. But I think that is more like an actual rare fact being visible through his fog (or sweat) by mistake.

    Incidentally, you can’t ask “what is money?” and then claim it doesn’t exist before you establish exactly what it is that does or does not exist. Unless he does so later in the video – I couldn’t get past 41 seconds of his sweaty shirt.

  3. No, he just rants and raves about how interest is a scam since the money never existed in the first place. Puh-lease

  4. And usually Fulford seems to come into focus (a little) when he turns to the more traditional Japanese politics topics. I think it’s a habit due to years of media interviews where he knows he needs to tone down the crazy.

  5. Damn, Fulford used to write for Reuters and Forbes?? Amazing how the insane can pass for legitimate if they fake it well enough.

  6. Curzon – I have no evidence for this, but I suspect that used in the right way, Japanese language proficiency can get you very far. Imagine how knowledgeable he must seem when he talks about all the secrets of Japanese politics that never make it into the English language press.

  7. “Any person making this argument has to explain why the U.S. cares so much about Japanese domestic politics as to want to destroy Ozawa. ”

    Maybe they are suspicious because :
    A)Of the history of records of Washington stands the way of Japan seeking strategic independence
    B)Of the growing perception among the Japanese that the U.S speaks one thing and thinks something another in foreign policy.
    C)Tokyo was one of the few capitols in the world that didn’t use anti-Americanism as political capital to mobilize public emotion during Bush years.Maybe Nagatacho is catching up the global trend at last.

    “The cold war is over.”

    In East Asia? Not exactly.

  8. Jewish Ninjas vs. Satanist Bankers Vs. Zombie Masons aside… it seems that every six months or so we see an unclassified document that has the CIA giving money to far right groups in the 70s or the navy building nuclear bombs in Japan in the 60s. Things like this prep people for the “Ozawa Conspiracy”.

  9. Well, if you replace the words “U.S.” with “LDP” you have Ozawa’s own favorite conspiracy theory. I suppose it is not too large a leap for conspiracy theorists to involve the United States in that particular narrative of persecution, especially if they take the position that the United States has always favored the LDP.

  10. Well,this is more than just paranoid from Ozawa camp.
    I just picked up the latest issue of 週刊金曜日,the leftist weekly magazine founded by Honda Katsuichi and friends,that had been the nemesis of Ozawa in the 90’s.The cover story was “小沢民主党代表がはまった罠”and there are copies like 米国の謀略etc.

    Strange bedfellows…..

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