A comprehensive guide to Type B Adamu

A Japanese website is helpfully offering free “instruction manuals” based on your name and blood type. Here’s mine:


Head: Can’t remember (*won’t remember)

Mouth: Often talks to himself

Heart: Super-calm and collected

Right hand: Lots of wastefulness

Overall: Ultimately self-centered?

Accurate? Hm, not really. Try it yourself and see how you measure up!

While blood type-based personality tests are well-known to be completely baseless, many in Japan, mainly women, do believe that at the very least knowing someone’s blood type will divide them into four broad personality classes. See Wikipedia for a helpful chart of these categories.

(Thanks to Hiroshi Yamaguchi for the link)

6 thoughts on “A comprehensive guide to Type B Adamu”

  1. The “lots of wastefulness” thing is dead on, going by the vast swath of white space above your second graphic.

  2. OK crappy. I dont know how to fix it right away so you can just go see it on Wikipedia, where they actually know how to edit web pages.

  3. I think it’s probably a bug in the CSS style sheet we use. Roy is solely responsible for all the code behind the site, so you can blame him for any visual problems.

  4. It’s perhaps an illusion that comes with adding years to my stay in Japan, but it seems that people are putting less stock in blood-type tests. (I say illusion because I have changed prefectures three times and don’t hang around the same group of natives since getting married, so it’s an admittedly flawed experiment.) For one thing, in casual conversation with native Japanese, I haven’t ever been convinced that there is a consensus as to what personalities are attributed to each blood-type.

    I had the impression that Hosoki and Ehara with all their supernatural wisdom had distracted the spiritually interested Japanese population from paying attention to blood-type psychiatry. Of course, blood-type psychiatry turned the tables last year with the best-selling Jamais Jamais series (the best selling of which was the B type volume (?))… so who knows where the average Japanese stands in terms of believing their ‘setsumei-sho’

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