14 thoughts on “What IS this?”

  1. Gretchen’s post wasn’t there when I sounded in so I think that we are on to something….

  2. An apparatus on which one can wrap the rope line of an anchor.

    Either that, or two of the brooms from Disney’s “Sorceror’s Apprentice” are riding the teacups, and leaning back while they spin that disc they have in the center of the cup…

  3. It’s a monument in the square of a village of migrant Taiwanese aborigine workers who moved from the lovely east coast countryside to the outskirts of Taipei. Sorry to seem cheap, but I honestly don’t know what it’s supposed to represent. The full gallery of the place is on Flickr, but I’m not doing a full blog post until I get around to writing the accompanying text.

  4. You know, it COULD be a mochi pounder thing. The Amis are known for making excellent mochi.

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