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  1. I’m getting “Geithner Jewish” as my FIRST suggestion now, and the 7th one is “Geithner religion”. #10 is “Geithner Dartmouth” as if anyone should really care at this point where he got his BA.

  2. The question of whether Geithner is Jewish is a distraction. The reality is the Rothschilds are orchestrating a mass genocide on a global scale.

    Thankfully, we have Benjamin Fulford to help clarify this often complicated issue:

    The discussions on a new financial system have failed

    The US Treasury Secretary is supposed to announce a plan for the financial system on February 10th. That is the third time the announcement has been delayed. Our sources are telling us discussions about a new financial system have failed and whatever is announced in the US will not be a real solution. If things continue this way the United States will be bankrupt by this summer.

    Bloomberg news has calculated that with the new stimulus plan added in, the US government has thrown 9.7 trillion dollars at the problem since September of 2008.

    That is enough money, the calculate, to give $1430 to every man woman and child on earth or else pay off over 90% of all outstanding US mortgages.Despite this, 19 million US homes are vacant now and the real unemployment rate in the US has reached 18%. The amount of ships visiting US ports has fallen by over 17% from the previous month in both December and January. Trade with the US and Europe is grinding to a halt.

    The Telegraph reports the latest financial plan involves money from “the alternative asset industry,” which we presume the owners of the Fed and the BIS (the Rothschilds and their “family”) are going to “lend” to the American people some of the money they stole. However since both the US and UK have very little primary, secondary or tertiary industry to speak of, creating extra zeroes on bank computers is not going to change that reality.

    A source connected to the UK royal family insists these people are still planning a genocidal end-game and that this is what these shenanigans are really all about:Clearly non-enslaved nations of the world will have to unilaterally declare a new currency to replace the dollar and Euro for international transactions if they are to stop these mad murderers. Also, we must not forget that no matter how serious the Western economic crisis seems, the fact is that over 930 million people are now starving. These people could be saved by announcing a new system.

  3. I liked his “zombie ninjas rule Japan” theory better.

    So I wonder – if the world isn’t totally XXXXed by summer, will this guy go away?

  4. So Fulford is kind of like David Gregory Gregory Clark in a way – another wayward son of old money and prestige… Are we detecting a pattern here?

  5. “since both the US and UK have very little primary, secondary or tertiary industry”

    This would come as a surprise to anyone who actually knows what those terms mean.

    “So I wonder – if the world isn’t totally XXXXed by summer, will this guy go away?”

    No. This never happens. He will simply move onto another fantasy, or claim that his actions in publicising this one prevented it.

    The Fulster (is this another guy we should refrain from using the real name of?) and Clark is like comparing quarks and Pluto. One is just so much more removed from normal life. Whatever his faults, at least Clark doesn’t claim things like the Imperial Family are lizards in disguise. Nor does he claim “I went to the Amazon and lived with the Shipibo Indians” at age 17. This is probably what makes Benny tick (or not tick): “And to me it was clear that (and this is what you get in a disturbed world, in the street, at the poor level), there’s something wrong with the way the westerners were running the planet.” Vestiges of an anti-western hippy-influenced ideal that, finding no outlet in reality (which would actually involve real work and effort and no fame) is given voice by elaborate paranoia.

  6. So let me get this straight…Fulford confronts David Rockefeller about the murders of bankers and the Rockefeller takeover of the Japanese banking system, and a ninja shows up at Fulford’s door with a gold badge membership to the Freemasons, and the job of Finance Minister, but then Fulford was rescued by the Chinese secret society?

    Hell, why not? And while we’re at it, can we make the movie version of this with Abe Hiroshi?

  7. That’s what we call a “rich inner life” only with a Charisma Man like Fulford we are treated to daily running commentary and semi-regular TV appearances.

  8. The really scary thing about Fulford is that apparently worked as a real journalist for many years. Let’s just imagine for a second how good his reporting must make everything in the NYT by comparison.

  9. I would so watch that movie.

    Re: Aceface’s link, here’s a great one in Japanese.


    I’ve been meaning to write something about this for a while, but I’m wondering whether or not I should try and save it for a proper article.

  10. Slightly off-topic: I had a bottle of Baron Philippe’s wine, which I bought for 1100 yen or so at Maruetsu. Now I’m no wine connoisseur, but this stuff was, to my palate, absolutely woeful.

    Perhaps it wasn’t wine, but the blood of Japanese bankers, pressed out by zombie ninjas, who shill part-time for the Rockefellers.

    I went to college with one of the Rothschilds. He kept to himself. In a tower penthouse in the center of the city, that is.

  11. I’m now reading biography of Eva Peron by John Barnes and according to the book,Evita’s hunband,and president of Argentine,Juan Peron was a notorious anti-semite.I also remember there was a fuss in Fujimori’s years Peru and Fujimori had taken away the legal status of TV station for the owner has Israeli passport thus against constitution,which was laughable.

    Talk about Rothchild.
    Lord Lionel Rothchild was an avid ornithologist and had connection with Japanese royals and aristocrats like Marquis Yamashina Yoshimaro(founder of Yamashina Institute of Ornithology and younger borhter of Hitohito) and Marquis Hachisuka Masauji(whose former residence is now Australian Embassy).
    Princess Norinomiya,who is also an avid bird watcher and one time employee of Yamashina Institute also visited the chateau of French Rothchild’s duiring official visit to France in ’97.

  12. There are other Japan connections for the Chateau. Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, owner of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, appeared on stage in Japan in the play “Harold and Maude”, directed by Jean-Louis Barrault. Her American stepmother, Pauline de Rothschild, was a big fan of the works of Mishima. When the younger members of the Rothschild wine clan visit Tokyo they regularly stop by a wine bar in Nishi Azabu.

    Since the topics of Jews and wine has popped up together, I think I’ll cross post this from another forum if its OK. There’s a thread where we’ve tried to identify well-known people in the world who have Japanese spouses – by and large excluding Japan hands. I came across Jan Shrem and wrote the following which I hope isn’t too long for here:

    “Clos Pegase Winery produces a chardonnay that President George W. Bush served to Junichiro Koizumi during his last visit to America. The name of the chardonnay is ‘Mitsuko Vineyard’ which gives a broad hint why it is relevant to us here. Jan and Mitsuko Shrem are the owners of Clos Pegase. Strictly speaking, the couple doesn’t quite belong in this thread since one of the unofficial rules is to exclude Japan hands and Jan Shrem was very much one of those back in the day. However, he hasn’t lived in the country for over forty years, and his fame as a winemaker came after he left Japan, so we can bend the rules.

    “Shrem was born in Lebanon and grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem. While studying at UCLA, he sold encyclopaedias to pay the bills and did well. In 1955, he took a short vacation to Japan and liked the country so much he decided to stay. Shrem found he could continue with the encyclopaedia business and began importing English-language reference and technical books in order to support himself. The language of science in Japan was changing from German to English, which proved to be a major opportunity for the young man, so he moved from simply importing books to publishing them himself. As the profits racked up, Shrem found he had the wherewithal to satisfy his other interests and started an art collection. He also opened a gallery as a sideline and it was there he first met Mitsuko who was herself a budding artist and designer. The couple wanted to marry but her family objected so, in 1968, Shrem decided to sell his business, which by this time had 50 offices and 2,000 employees, and elope with her to Europe. In Paris, he started another publishing business, this time focusing on fine art titles which was a shared love for the couple. Mitsuko also introduced the former teetotaller to wine and he took to it wholeheartedly. In 1980, seeking new challenges, he signed up for a wine course at the University of Bordeaux before buying his own vineyard in Napa Valley in 1983 and starting out on yet another venture. By the early 90’s the vineyard began to get rave reviews which eventually led to the White House and a premier place in the Napa wine community. As Shrem says, ‘Fate gave me a big fortune to make a small one in the wine business.’ The winery also houses the couple’s extensive collection of art which has built up considerably over the years. A report last year said that the Shrems are planning to donate their assets, including the art, the vineyard and some real estate in Tokyo, to the Jan and Mitsuko Wine and Art Educational Foundation.”

    An article on the couple in a local Napa paper only yesterday says that Mitsuko was actually his first employee at the gallery. He decided to sell up and then elope and marry her in Europe “because of a regulation that required registering businesses in that country owned by a non-citizen spouse in the name of the Japanese citizen spouse’s family”. What I still don’t know is the name of Shrem’s publishing business or the identity of the buyer. I’m curious if the Japan end still exists in some form.

  13. Another interesting character in relations between Japan and Israel is Ranan Lurie – I thought I’d brought him up on Mutant Frog before but a search didn’t throw up any results. At the peak of his powers, he was one of the most widely syndicated political cartoonists in the world and, at one stage, had a stint as Senior Political Analyst and Cartoonist with the Asahi. In 1984, Lurie was chosen to lead a delegation to kickstart diplomatic relations between Israel and Japan.

    While at the Asahi, and of interest to the Mutant Frog audience, Lurie attempted to come up with a cartoon symbol for Japan in the manner of John Bull and Uncle Sam. Ever heard of “Taro-san”? The link below is a scan of a page from the Asahi Evening News. It will take some time to load so you should probably get on with something else while it does:


    The introductory cartoon loads a little (not much) faster:


  14. I have this memory of Lurie’s name being reffered in Van Wolfren’s “Enigma of Japanese Power” and that had something to do with censorship over one of “Lurie’s World” cartoon over middle east conflict and the editors put pressure on Lurie to withdraw one of his work for the fear of pressure from one of middle eastern embassy.
    Any of you have any knowledge on this?My copy of EoJP is somewhere in my bookshelves but I can’t find it.

  15. I just noticed that Fulford is apparently part Jewish. That makes some of his conspiracies seem even weirder.

  16. “That makes some of his conspiracies seem even weirder.”

    He is either

    1) Cynically and methodically coming up with theories that will make it easier to market himself to a certain audience
    2) Insane

    I’m going with door #2 (although I still want to see a manga about Jewish ninjas fighting off zombie Masons)

  17. (Moving further off-topic) There are some interesting topics on MF but, if you have any appetite for another one, try this Korea Times column written by American Jon Huer.


    “…The good Japanese are different from both of the above. There is no “public” in the American sense of established institutions and organizations, nor is there an “individual” conscience or soul in the sense that good Koreans have in abundance. The good Japanese are what the Japanese “nation” makes them. If the Japanese nation is good in its national goal and beliefs, the Japanese people are also good; if the Japanese nation is nasty, individual Japanese are equally nasty as individuals. Very rarely, unlike in Korea, does a Japanese citizen deviate from his collective-national creed and expectations. Thus, the goodness of the Japanese is wholly tied to what his or her nation stands for or teaches. During the evil time of World War II, virtually all Japanese citizens showed pitiless evil. Today, most Japanese citizens are helpful, honest and sweet to strangers because the nation is no longer bent on conquest…”

  18. What a total tossface. I actually read that article, and was amazed that anyone could write it with a straight face. “Colonialism and war completely destroyed any public or institutional basis of morality in Korea.” HUH???? When in doubt, just lie. Complete, utter, baldfaced lying gets you a long way I guess. Like: “It is often shocking how little remorse ex-Japanese soldiers feel about their atrocities in the last world war.” How can Huer say that Confucianism and Christianity (he himself is a very practising Xian) were completely destroyed? Both are very good at being an institutional basis of morality, no?

  19. “Colonialism and war completely destroyed any public or institutional basis of morality in Korea”.

    Well,I think this part isn’t his original.This is pretty much a cliche among Koreans.
    “moral”here isn’t just social ethics,but also loaded with meanings like”political legitimacy” or one’s “right stuff” in political leadership.
    Back in 1997(I think)Chung Mong-joon,FIFA vice president and one of the heirs of economic titan,Hyundai and presidential candidate in 2003 election,had questioned Japanese “morality” on becoming host of FIFA world cup and demanded the status handed over to Korea.
    So “moral”isn’t used as inner mirror to reflect your own action in Korea,but rather a stick to bash the opponent.

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