11 thoughts on “Best manga ever?”

  1. “news commentators attribute the sales to `an increasing awareness of politics in Japan`”

    I was wondering where everyone was getting their political acumen from.

  2. I forwarded this around to some co-workers, and the comments quickly degraded into a discussion of Yukari Sato’s hotness or lack thereof.

  3. The pope’s involvement reminded me of the Uncyclopedia entry on North Korea. From the “Geography” section:

    The highlight of North Korean ski history was Kim Jong Ill’s . . . performance in the Men’s Freestyle event in the 1976 Winter Olympics wherein he landed a switch 720 misty flip to method air. The technique was without parallel and the women swooned. The Great Leader, however, was robbed of victory when the Pope called upon his divine powers to land a switch triple back flip to indy nosebone (see: Politics). The cowardly Pope will not be victorious again.

  4. Wow. After having been a denizen of the nearly unknown Japanese Mahjong world for years, it’s finally getting some attention. And to think that the Koizumi manga is the first thing that gets noticed. I’ve been reading that manga ever since it was first serialized and always wondered how to even begin explaining it to people. Read it if you’re literate. If its not the best manga ever, it’s certainly the best Mahjong manga tankobon in existence. My favorite part is when GWB loses to Koizumi and rides around the White House lawn on a Segway to vent his frustration.

    For those interested, Chapter two of the Pope saga came out in last week’s Kindai Mahjong Original. The pope “creates” his super-powerful Mahjong hand while quoting Genesis, on the first day god said let there be tiles, etc. When he gets to the 7th day he completes the hand and commands Koizumi to rest…forever! Will Koizumi ever wake up? Stay tuned!

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