Going out in style

This guy might be a despicable investment fraud, but you can’t deny the guts it takes to try the “fake your own death” way out in this day and age:

Pilot Is Missing, and So Is His Motorcycle


Published: January 13, 2009

The authorities on Tuesday said that a missing financial adviser whose private plane crashed in Florida on Sunday had stored a motorcycle on the ground to aid his getaway.

The investigators say that Marcus Schrenker, 38, a financial adviser and experienced pilot from Indiana, parachuted from the small plane after faking a distress call as he flew over Alabama. The plane eventually went down in Florida, about 200 miles away, but Mr. Schrenker turned up in Childersburg, Ala., telling local officers he had been in a boating accident. He then disappeared again.


Court records show that Mr. Schrenker’s wife filed for divorce on Dec. 30. A Maryland court recently issued a judgment of more than $500,000 against one of three Indiana companies registered in his name — and all three are being investigated for securities fraud by the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office, a spokesman, Jim Gavin, said.

UPDATE: They got him.

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