7 thoughts on “For once, a Nikkei editorial I can really get behind!”

  1. Maybe if it’s animated. Japan hasn’t done very well with special effects films in recent years.

  2. But not before they pass a law that let’s them patrol the area, instead of escorting a single Japanese ship at the time. I looked at existing laws, and it’s hopeless.

    Seriously, the old Godzilla suit ain’t what it used to be. Me too. Would you know, I got 6+7 wrong?

  3. Hm so you’re saying they need a Ninja Dispatch Law… Again, I fully support this. Ninjas have for too long lurked in a shadowy legal gray area.

  4. “Would you know, I got 6+7 wrong?”

    I don’t think that math spam filter actually has any effect, I should probably remove it and see what happens.

    Sure, ninja can lurk in a pond all day and run across a river on a cleverly concealed floating bridge, but I’m not sure they would make very good sailors.

    Isn’t Aquaman supposed to fight pirates or something? Atlantis is an ally, right?

  5. dispatching warships to fight pirates might be a feel-good thing to do, but relatively large warships chasing after elusive swarms of skiffs won’t be effective. and warships dispatched far from home waters tend to be large.

    i’m surprised i haven’t heard anywhere calls for bringing back Q-ships to bait the pirates out where they can be swatted. because what needs to happen is for the pirates to go out to sea and vanish. mysteriously. what are needed are “roach motel” ships with marines embarked where pirates “check in, but they don’t check out”. after a while, the most aggressive will be dead (or in jail), and those left will be spooked.

    i had held out high hopes for china’s PLA/N to think more out of the box, along these lines, since china lacks blue water capabilities. i have since been disappointed, however.

    just a thought.

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