I am making a fictitious investment in $43 oil

NYMEX oil prices are currently $42.96. I have decided to place my fictional life savings ($10,000) to buy approx. 233 barrels of oil in the spot market. Let’s see how this fictional fee-and-tax-free portfolio does over time.

Simultaneously, my fictional friend Dork Yenbuyer has decided to place his life savings (also $10,000) in uninvested, no-interest yen cash. At the current rate, that will give him 898,100 yen. Let’s see if the superyen will go even stronger, contrary to today’s weakening of the yen against the euro.

10 thoughts on “I am making a fictitious investment in $43 oil”

  1. Adamu, I think that you made the correct choice and I hope to god that Dork Yenbuyer didn’t.

    Anybody have a prediction on how the Yen moves over the next year?

  2. I noticed that Honda recently said what I’m thinking – if the yen gets any higher, I’m going to have to leave Japan for good.

  3. If the yen gets any higher I’m going start buying property overseas, starting with the Rockefeller Center….

    But oil is the way to go. Finite resource.

  4. Investment update from the BBC. Two headlines that were actually next to each other:

    Cocoa prices hit a 23-year-high
    Oil falls back below $39 a barrel

  5. Hmmm. Invest in chocolate? Oil is not cheaper as there is suddenly more of it, however. The price will rise again. The real question is will it be replaced before it turns you a decent fictional profit.

  6. Dork Yenbuyer is doing better now his money is in yen. He bought at basically 90 yen, and now it is 88. I’m doing a little experiment myself – today I bought US$2,000 of traveller’s cheques (yes, Americans, that is how AMEX spells it on their own t/c) at 90 yen to the US$ (bank rate). Be interesting to see what that does. If the dollar tanks more, I will use cash next time I go, and no harm done. Save the t/c for later. If it rises, I use the t/c and feel smug. Unlike how I feel with my leftover sterling t/cs, bought at 190 yen to the quid….

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