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Has anyone reading this been on a trip to North Korea? If so, I would love to know (comments or email is fine) how it was making the arrangements. Needless to say, information from US citizens would be most helpful.

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  1. Shane Smith (an American) compiled a series of videos about his trip to North Korea, which you can find if you search for ‘the Vice Guide to North Korea.’ It’s 14 videos of 3-6 minutes in length that present Shane (and his camera guys) trip into the DPRK. The second video outlines how they got into NK through Shenyang. Might give you insight on what to expect.

  2. Thank you Mt. Ota, I will have a look. But I’m not so interested in reports about what it’s like inside- the reason I’m thinking of trying to go is to see for myself. I’m really just looking for practical advice on the paperwork aspect, which travel agency or package to take or avoid, etc.

  3. Well if all the official paperwork fails the movie lends good insight into how you can get into the country anyway.

  4. Curzon: I know the days on which we can visit are pretty limited, but I’m pretty sure (not 100%) that it’s more than just that one festival. I will check with travel agencies though.

    Mr. Ota: I do not think it would be good for my health to try and sneak into the DPRK, although it would make for quite a story if I succeeded. Or, for that matter, if I failed…

  5. If you are near Bangkok, Thailand go to Khao San Road and on the alley behind Khao San is a tour company called Nat Tours. Jeroen can help you figure out a couple of ways to enter North Korea. There has been a couple of times in the last few years when they allowed USA people in the country. There is also a site calle teh world most travel people, Charles I think went there, so maybe he can help. Thanks from Andy of in Guatemala Travel Blog and Hotels

  6. OK, I just found the answer to one of my major questions. Although journalists are banned from visiting DPRK, it looks like I would be able to mention the trip here:

    If you are interested in writing a travelogue or report on the tour for a personal website or something similar then we have no problem with this as long as you discuss it with us beforehand and have our written agreement.

  7. To be clear Smith didn’t sneak his way in, he just bribed his way in and then got treated to the same tour everyone gets treated to.

  8. Koryo Tours replied to my email.

    Thanks for the mail, usually the DPRK will not issue visas to US passport holders except during the Mass Games which in 2008 ran from August 4th to October 10th. We expect Mass Games in 2009 to run at the same time but this has not been confirmed yet but we will update as soon as we hear more news. In the meantime please note that the relevant page of our website for US tours when they are available can be found at also I have attached some more information about our tours and procedures which may be of interest to you. Please have a look at the information attached and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to let me know. We hope to be able to take US citizens in 2009 and will certainly move to add tours as soon as it becomes possible, until then watch this space!

    Maybe if relations thaw a bit under Obama, then us US citizens will only be as restricted in visiting DPRK as other westerners are.

  9. One thing to consider is that your every move will be watched and every thing you say will likely be recorded. I would be very carefull on what you do once in country as Mr Kim doesn’t like US folks much. Please remember that the short one’s name in DPRK is Dear Leader or whatever honorific he wants to be called.

    Have fun and enjoy your trip to the world of black and white. Anyone thats visited the former East Germany during the cold war will know what I mean.

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