Japan as sieve?

Provide some sensitive nuclear technology to your good buddies at the Japanese trading firm, and the next thing you know it falls into the hands of AQ Khan!

Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008

Pakistan nuke chief visited Japan: friend
Khan allegedly obtained key components Islamabad
ISLAMABAD (Kyodo) Disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan visited Japan in 1984 and obtained key components essential to Pakistan’s nuclear program, according to a family friend.

“He visited Japan in 1984 and met many bosses of big firms,” the friend said. “One of the company executives he met was a trading house chairman who had served as naval attache in Berlin during World War II. He spoke fluent German.”

But the friend — who was in close contact with Khan, who is under virtual house arrest — did not disclose the nature of the components the nuclear scientist bought during his trip.

Another source familiar with Pakistan’s nuclear program said Khan also visited Japan in 1977 and bought an “uninterruptible power supply” device from a Japanese company for a uranium enrichment facility he was building at Kahuta near Rawalpindi.

Pakistan embarked on a nuclear program in 1972 and detonated a nuclear device in May 1998, shortly after rival India carried out a similar test.

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