“Losheng eviction to begin”

More than 50 Losheng Sanatorium preservationists gathered in front of the Department of Health (DOH) building yesterday, protesting the eviction of Losheng residents and demanding that Health Minister Yeh Ching-chuan (葉金川) listen to their pleas. “No forced eviction, we want dialogue!” shouted the members of the Youth Alliance for Losheng and Losheng Self-help Organization. “[Today] they will force [the residents] out. Why will no one listen to our pleas?” said alliance member Chang Hsin-wen (張馨文). The preservationists’ fight against what they consider human rights violations and the destruction of historic buildings has continued for four years. (12/03)

Text and photos from my visit to Losheng this past summer can be found here. Losheng residents who are evicted will actually be given a space in the recently constructed hospital building located almost next door, but this will probably be of little consolation to those who prefer zipping around the campus in their electric wheel chair scooter devices to the sterile hospital halls.

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