The media strikes back: JT profiles MFT

Roy, Adamu and I were interviewed for a Japan Times piece on our blog and how we bloggily blog it up. Check it out.

(And if you’re arriving from the Japan Times, IRASSHAIMASE!)

8 thoughts on “The media strikes back: JT profiles MFT”

  1. Maybe we should’ve gotten them some photos? I think the only picture of the three of us together is when we were looking goofy and over-dressed at that wedding last year.

  2. I think that was actually the only time all three of us were together.

    Roy, you were doing your usual thing:

    Century Hyatt chandeliers

  3. Well, the three of us were all together a couple of other nights over the course of that one or two week period.

    Want me to post the picture I took as you were taking a picture of me taking a picture?

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