6 thoughts on “Chinese rednecks, take note!”

  1. Ok, dredging makes perfect sense to me and most of the rest, while dumb, at least I sort of understand- but “Toxic Substances”??? Who is going to catch FOOD with POISON?

  2. More to the point, wouldn’t a fish in Chinese territorial waters have developed an immunity to poison anyway?

  3. Blast fishing is amazingly common in China. I recently did a translation for a group called Mekong Watch that highlighted the problems caused in Laos by Chinese commercial ships running down the Mekong river. They use blast fishing to catch food for their crews. The dynamite (along with a number of other factors) erodes the riverbanks and has caused whole villages to be evacuated.

    And catching fish with mild poison is a good idea if you aren’t going to eat the fish yourself.

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